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Sources: Raleigh police officer fired amid sexual misconduct probe

Posted June 22, 2011

— A probe into sexual misconduct has cost another Raleigh police officer his job.

Sources told WRAL News that M.C. Rominski was one of several officers accused of having sexual contact with a prostitute in the southeast district.

Police confirm that Rominski has been fired, but would not elaborate on the reason.

Sources said Officer Stephen Hinnant resigned in February because of the investigation.

For the last four months, at least two officers have been on paid administrative leave.

A spokesman for the Teamsters, who are representing the officers, said the investigators have been unable to find evidence to support the prostitution accusations.

The Teamsters said Rominski was told he was fired for poor performance. He is appealing the decision.

WRAL tried but was unable to reach Rominski and his attorney for comment.

Sources told WRAL News in February that the police department’s Internal Affairs Unit used GPS devices and hidden cameras to uncover the activity with Bobbie Lynn Wright, a 35-year-old prostitute who goes by the street name “5-G” and is known to frequent Bragg Street in southeast Raleigh

According to court records, Raleigh police have arrested Wright 22 times in Wake County – six times for prostitution – since 2005. Her most recent prostitution arrest occurred in July. Prior to that, the last time she was arrested on that charge was in June 2009.


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  • ProudBlackSingleMother Jun 30, 2011

    The last thing we need is the Teamsters getting involved in personnel matters... they are going to ruin our city.

    Police nowadays have gotten out of hand and it is time to reel them in.

    5-G is not working around Bojangle's on New Bern where the police never go because they are too busy doing paperwork rather being out on the street.

    Everything needs an overhaul starting with the recruiting a higher class of police officer, not these egotistical maniacs that are polluting the police forces of our country.

  • jetskichic688 Jun 23, 2011

    The only story of corruption here is the chief and his minions going on a witch hunt to punish good officers who don't fit the "norm". How do we go from sexual misconduct probe to fired for poor performance? Completely bogus. This is clearly personal between the department and this officer. The real story here is the lawsuits and firings in the chiefs office that need to happen to counter the mistreatment of good officers and the disgusting and extreme waste of money that occurs at the highest levels of rpd. WRAL, get to the truth. Journey, you know not what you speak of. The 2% of corrupt officers at RPD can be found in the Chief's Office and his internal affairs unit.

  • steppingup Jun 23, 2011

    This same NC officer also RECORDED discussing a favor being asked. The officer said a dentist had died while having sex in his office with a woman not his wife The brother who is an attorney in Raleigh NC phoned the PD asking to keep it quiet for the sake of the family. The officer said he started to tell him when you do something like this it is going to get around. Later the news paper printed the dentist's wife was at the officer waiting to go for a walk definitely not the story the officer told.

  • steppingup Jun 23, 2011

    A couple of years ago a NC police officer who was RECORDED discussing downloading music for free. The officer named the name Kazaa which has appeared in numerous lawsuits and talked about how the songs were arranged in groups and you choose the songs and just click and get them. He said it was the thing to do everybody was doing it. He bet his daughters had downloaded a THOUSAND SONGS on his computer. He said he had to get a new computer his old one FILLED UP WITH MEMORY. He laughed and said he hoped the federal government did not come in and investigate him.

    Shortly after this conversation we began reading the news articles people were being sued by RIAA and the FBI. They were calling piracy a crime of stealing and calling these people thieves. The RIAA and the FBI on their websites encourage people to report piracy. The FBI Anti Piracy Warning says they investigate. At that time we reported the officer's conversation as well as his name to the RIAA and the FBI. It was ig

  • mydirtyjeep Jun 23, 2011



  • working for deadbeats Jun 23, 2011

    "RPD needs to actually patrol and enforce the laws." dontlikeobama

    And will you still complain if they give you a ticket?

  • prettylady27610 Jun 23, 2011

    They used that term because they did't want to mention the real reason he was fired in case he hasa wrongful termination lawsuite.

  • Guy Jun 23, 2011

    I think it's wrong to fire someone with no evidence of proof. The term "poor performance" is just too long of a bridge. When will we get the concept of sexuality out of the middle ages? I salute our men in uniform.

  • ncpilot2 Jun 23, 2011

    The Teamsters are representing the officers? Good grief.

  • gmuny33 Jun 23, 2011

    These LEO's do just as bad of crimes as many of us that they harrass, follow and ticket. I can't believe they can find another perv in Raleigh, Wake Co. Where are the naysayers now that badge Durham for every red light ran? Crime is not biased, only those who many times comment here.