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Missing boy's remains believed found at Durham home

Posted June 9, 2011
Updated October 18, 2011

— One day after the remains of a missing woman were found buried behind a Durham home, remains believed to be those of a missing 5-year-old boy were found at the home Thursday.

Jadon Higganbothan was last seen in October. An informant told Durham police in February that the boy was killed inside a home at 2109 Pear Tree Lane, and his body was stuffed into a suitcase and disposed of.

Police charged Peter Lucas Moses, 27, with murder in Jadon's death. He also is charged with murder in the death of Antoinetta Yvonne McKoy, whose remains were found at 2622 Ashe St. on Wednesday.

Investigators and forensics technicians have been combing through the Ashe Street house and yard since Wednesday afternoon, when a plumbing crew digging in the backyard uncovered human remains.

Police Chief Jose Lopez said "everything indicates" the initial set of remains were those of McKoy, 28, who has been missing since December. Sources told WRAL News that the body has been positively identified as McKoy's and that it had been buried for more than five months.

Peter Lucas Moses Suspects, victims in Durham case

The police informant said McKoy also was killed inside the Pear Tree Lane home and her body disposed of.

A medical examiner said Thursday that a second set of remains "consistent with those of a small child" were found at the home, police said.

"I thank God for the detectives, and all these detectives have given 100 percent to give us closure," said McKoy's mother, Yvonne McKoy, who lives in Washington, D.C.

Jamiel Higganbothan, Jadon's father, said he had mixed emotions about the discoveries.

"They found the remains of the two people they were looking for, but then I am happy because at least I don't have to worry about where they put my son's body," said Higganbothan, who lives in Georgia.

Six other people have been charged with murder in McKoy's death: Lavada Quinzetta Harris, 40, Larhonda Renee Smith, 27, Sheilda Evelyn Harris, 56, Sheila Falisha Moses, 20, Pete Leonard Moses, 21, all of 2146 Charles St., and Vania Rae Sisk, 25, of 715 Bernice St.

They all made their initial court appearance Thursday morning and were ordered held without bond in the Durham County jail. Each was appointed a public defender, and their next court appearances will be June 30.

Sheilda Harris rented the Ashe Street home for about a year until February, leaving it vacant since then.

Jadon Higganbothan remains Missing boy's remains believed found at Durham home

Neighbors said several adults and a small child lived in the house, while four teens – two boys and two girls – stayed in a shed behind the house.

Sisk is Jadon's mother and is believed to have been dating Peter Lucas Moses. He, Leonard and Sheila Moses are siblings, and Sheilda Harris is Peter Moses' mother.

Police said Lavada Harris and Smith lived with the group at the Pear Tree Lane home at one point. Police repeatedly searched the house, and a search warrant states that they found a bullet, shell casing and evidence of human blood and "overt cleaning" inside.

A second search warrant stated that Peter Lucas Moses and Sisk were "directly involved" in the deaths of a woman and child.

Residents on Ashe Street detailed what they thought was bizarre behavior by the group. They repeatedly checked the mailbox even after moving out, for example, and they refused an invitation to a Thanksgiving dinner by noting that they didn't celebrate the holiday.

A court document has linked members of the group with the Black Hebrews, a religious sect that believes it descends directly from the ancient tribes of Israel.

Members of the Moses family have denied any link to the sect.

"The detective made up the group and stuff like that. I mean, people study different religions and stuff like that," said a man who identified himself only as "Jay" following Sheilda Harris' court appearance.

Antoinetta McKoy suspects in court Slaying suspects, relatives deny cult connection

"Jay" said he is Harris' son and said that police also questioned him in the case. He maintained that his mother is innocent and said that police were trying to charge as many people as possible in the case.

"The simple fact of where they found the body, so that's basically why they are charging my mom," he said. "The rest of that other stuff, I don't even (relate to) that side of the family."

Lavada Harris' father also denied any knowledge of the Black Hebrew. He described his daughter as a victim of Peter Lucas Moses.

"I didn't like him. I've been trying to talk my daughter into cutting ties with him for years now, and she wouldn't listen to any family members," Willie Harris said. "Anytime I try to talk to her, it's like talking to the wall, you know. I couldn't get any response from her."

Peter Moses has been in jail since an April arrest on charges that he kidnapped a 16-year-old girl, hit her several times, pointed a semi-automatic gun at her and threatened to kill her.


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  • LuvMyLife Jun 10, 2011

    They will definitely receive their Judgment from God when the time comes.

  • ohonda95 Jun 10, 2011

    That is NO mother who would hurt or allow someone to hurt her child!!!!!! I pray for the family members who actually cared for this little boy and woman!! They are in a much better place than we are now!! I hope the worst possible thing will happen to these sick monsters who done this!!!!!!!

  • mercurysable2006 Jun 10, 2011

    It's really sad how people have really gotten towards one another ther's no love no caring for one another and the poor kids they are just hepless against all the sickos in the world today,because
    I just can't understand how all these people could live with theirselves knowing that child/lady was buried in that yard like some trash especially the mother of the little boy what did he have on her to make her particpate in such horrible things her own child that's really cold heartless. She should never be allow to walk the street again free none of them that had a hand in this.I feel for the families that have lost not only the ones that are deceased, but the ones that souls are really lost living their own hell. People we have got to do better...
    How could one man have such hold on so many people? How was he being allow to get away with so much for so long?

  • fanoftheheels Jun 10, 2011

    Poor little boy..there is no telling what he went through. He is much better off... Prayers to the ones mouring the loss of this innocent child and may JUSTICE BE SERVED!

  • anneonymousone Jun 10, 2011

    How sad. As illogical as it is, some people (I among them) were holding out hope that he was OK.

    It is my hope that if indeed it was Jadon's body, that he was not aware enough of what was going on to be afraid, and that he went quickly and without suffering.

  • wralfan Jun 10, 2011

    Thank the gods this boy's family, the family members that cared about him that is, can finally say their goodbyes in a proper way.

  • BabaStink Jun 10, 2011

    The mother of the little boy was involved in this crime! Ugh! I am sure she will say that Peter Moses made her do it and she was living in fear!

    How a person can just "do away" with another human being, especially a child, like they are a piece of trash is beyond me? And anyone who covered up this crime is just as responsible...even if they didn't do the actual murder! I truly do hope all involved will rot in their jail cell.

    And thank you to the informant who was brave enough to be a "snitch" and hopefully that "snitching" will bring justice to this woman and child.

  • MonkeyFace Jun 10, 2011

    that poor baby.. what did he do to deserve this? may he RIP and his dad and other family members find comfort some how in the fact that the people who did this will pay for this crime.

  • tiggerbeth Jun 10, 2011

    "At least their bodies have been found.. Sad story. Prayers to all of those who cared about these 2 people. May they RIP. As for those responsible.. May they rot in hell for eternity."

    My thoughts exactly!

  • albertleon7 Jun 10, 2011

    God Bless Durham