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Man arrested after woman found dead in Raleigh home

Posted May 29, 2011

— A Morrisville man was charged with murder Sunday afternoon after a mother of two was found dead Saturday inside the north Raleigh home she rented.

A neighbor reported looking through a window and seeing a woman's body covered in blood in the house at 4601 Rockwood Drive shortly before 11 a.m., police said. EMS workers discovered the body of Alison Ballan Jurich, 34, inside.

Robert John Daidone, 22, of 204 Great Ridge Court in Morrisville, was taken into custody at the Chatham County jail Sunday afternoon and was transported to the Wake County jail around 3:30 p.m. He was charged with murder and two counts of breaking and entering with intent to commit larceny.

The alleged break-ins took place on Saturday at two different homes in Cary. In arrest warrants, police state that Daidone stole a $4 gardening tool from one of the homes.

Less than two weeks earlier, warrants state that Daidone stole a Toyota Prius from a family member.

Daidone Man charged in murder of Raleigh mother

Police have not released how Jurich died, but did confirm that she knew Daidone. 

Jurich, the mother of 13-year-old twin boys, rented the home with several other people, her father Jerry Ballan said. She was planning to move out in June. No other renters were home in the house when the body was found, police said.

Daidone was not one of the other renters, Jurich's mother said, but she declined to say how her daughter knew him.

In December 2009, the North Carolina Center for Missing Persons issued a Silver Alert for Daidone. The Silver Alert system was developed to quickly notify the public about missing adults who suffer from dementia or other cognitive impairments.

Two weeks after the alert was issued, Daidone was arrested on first-degree burglary, felony breaking and entering and larceny charges for allegedly stealing from two Cary homes on New Year's Day 2010.

According to state Department of Correction records, Daidone has previous convictions for drug possession and credit card fraud in Wake County.


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  • Outdoorchic May 31, 2011

    Hey Dr Oblivious, I mean obvious - how about some accountability on his parents part, or better yet on the young man himself? Why does blame always get put on the school system, as if it is the sole responsibility to raise a young person. Get a clue!

  • didisaythat May 30, 2011

    How is it the school system failed this guy? What grade do they teach how not to get caught when committing a crime? The kid failed himself. No matter what his condition. If you want to put blame it is on the people that are suppose to take care of him if he is not able to take care of himself. If he is able to than he is able to sit in a prison cell for the rest of his life or better yet sit in a chair and take the white lightning ride. Sorry to be so heartless, but my concern is for the safety of my family and if you are a danger, you got to go.

  • Ryu May 30, 2011

    Where does it say he's autistic?

  • OleNCNative May 30, 2011

    Dr. Obvious - do you have lots of experience with people with autism? While some are violent, there is very little documentation of Autism leading to murder. Someone failed him? Nope. Even if he lacks the cognitive level to determine right from wrong, society has to hold him accoutable, at least by locking him up in a closely gaurding mental health system, in order to protect itself.

  • itsmyownopinion May 30, 2011

    I wonder how they knew each other.

  • itsmyownopinion May 30, 2011

    "...Both programs are activated way too often with cases that were never intended to qualify for the programs."

    You know this how?

  • nc4712 May 30, 2011

    I can not believe what I am reading. Not responsible for butchering my best friend????? Shame on You. Lets just hope one of those sickos does not break in one off your loved ones home. Anybody can get away with murder as long as they have a excuse from the doctor. America land of the free to kill with doctors-note. Ally had many poeple that loved her. She was a great girl and will be missed dearly. I love YOU ALLY. I am just glad that GOD is the final judge!!!! RIP sweet Ally, luv ur soul sis. We meet again some day.

  • dogluv3r May 30, 2011

    Another fine example of someone who should not have been allowed to be free to begin with. Autism does not cause people to do drugs, steal, and kill people!

  • Dr. Obvious May 30, 2011

    The man should not be held accountable for his acts when he has autism, I can't help but think the public school system failed this young man.

  • jweaver14 May 30, 2011

    "I'm guessing we'll see more of this as cuts to the State Budget trim Probation and Mental Health Services."

    And I'm guessing if we spent 100 Billion more dollars on the state budget it would stop this type of behavior...... I doubt it. These people need to be dealt with and individuals need to protect themselves. People are responsible for their actions and no amount of "Big Brother" spending will stop these type people. It's high time citizens quit depending on government and depended on themselves.