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Hit-and-run victim's friends asking driver to step forward

Posted May 26, 2011

— William Andrews’ body swelled to nearly twice his normal body weight. His liver was lacerated, his clavicle broken, and his spleen and gall bladder removed.

The 69-year-old Franklin County man is in intensive care at WakeMed and will probably be there for at least the next six months. His loved ones spoke out Thursday, asking the driver who is responsible to step forward.

"We want to appeal to that individual to step up and do the right thing," said Randy Helms, Andrews' friend.

Andrews was driving his pickup truck on N.C. Highway 98 near Bunn, not far from his home, on May 10 when he was caught at the end of a chain-reaction crash. His truck flipped, throwing him onto a gravel road, as the driver responsible for the wreck fled the scene, according to troopers.

Helms said he remembers seeing his injured friend lying on the ground.

“You think you’re a grown man, and you’re supposed to be able to take most anything, but that morning I saw him laying there … it will work on you,” Helms said.

Hit-and-run victim's friends want driver to step forward Hit-and-run victim's friends want driver to step forward

Emergency crews rushed Andrews to WakeMed, where he has spent the past two weeks in the intensive care unit.

Highway Patrol troopers say Andrews was traveling west on Highway 98, a two-lane road, when a gray car began to pass him. A red or brown car then tried to pass the gray car, side-swiping it and pushing it into Andrews’ truck.

Andrews’ truck and the gray car both lost control and crashed, as the driver of the other car drove away, troopers said.

The driver of the gray car and a passenger inside Andrews’ truck were not seriously hurt in the crash, which happened just east of the intersection with U.S. Highway 401.

“It will pull at your heart string a little bit,” Helms said.

Andrews is perhaps best-known for being the owner of the Andrews Ford dealership in Creedmoor.

“Everyone in this community knows William Andrews,” said William Haley, Andrews’ pastor.

Anyone with information about the crash is asked to call the Highway Patrol at 252-438-8101.


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  • ebrown19 May 27, 2011

    I feel for this guy and his family, too. There is, however, one important detail missing from this story: Was he wearing his seat belt? To be ejected from the car, I'm guessing he wasn't. Would that stop an ambulance-chasing lawyer from suing the driver for everything they had, even if they had stopped? Again, I think not. This doesn't excuse the driver's actions, but it might explain why they panicked and left the scene. If this happened to me, and I saw someone on the ground like that, one of the things running through my mind would be "if this person dies, will I have to go to jail because they were too irresponsible to wear a seat belt?"

  • mom2ahm May 27, 2011

    Why are people praying for him? chromelexus22
    May 27, 2011 1:10 p.m.
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    People are praying for him because they know there is only one ultimate Healer, whether you beleive it or not. I don't think anyone is saying that is Karma that caused this wreck. William has never done anyone wrong and is well respected and loved by all in the community that he has resided in all his life.

  • diana123 May 27, 2011

    well that driver doesn't want to get sued. why would he own up to his wrongdoing?

  • NCSU2311 May 27, 2011

    This is so sad - Bill's a nice guy. I like his dealership. I'd buy a car from there before I'd ever go to one of the local 'superstores.'

    Here's hoping the perp gets caught by both law and karma.
    May 27, 2011 8:24 a.m.
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    I wonder what this guy did for this karma to come back and get him......Or do you just use what fits?

  • pebbles262004 May 27, 2011

    "pappy 1" How do you know??

  • davidgnews May 27, 2011

    This is so sad - Bill's a nice guy. I like his dealership. I'd buy a car from there before I'd ever go to one of the local 'superstores.'

    Here's hoping the perp gets caught by both law and karma.

  • chenliliu3 May 26, 2011

    Rose, Rev RB, people might have a little more respect for what you have to say if you did not bash Catholics.

  • nrw121760 May 26, 2011

    @ RB aka SWW: I am living proof that "karma is a witch". I did something for which I am not proud. As a result, I got what I deserved, which involved a near fatality for me. I have no doubt that the person who caused this wreck with serious injuries will also get what they deserve.

  • pappy1 May 26, 2011

    The driver doesn't watch or read the local news - either in print, on television, or online...

  • xchief661 May 26, 2011

    Don't know how people actually live like nothing ever happened when they are responsible for something like this.