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Wreck victim kicks in door of Raleigh home

Posted May 13, 2011

— A wreck victim who claimed to have been shot kicked down the door of a Raleigh house early Friday, frightening a family who thought it was a burglar, police said.

Police said that one car clipped another from behind on North New Hope Road at Fawn Glen Drive around 3:30 a.m. A man in one of the cars started banging on doors in a nearby neighborhood, looking for help.

Homeowner Greg Hunter said that he woke to the man banging on the front door of his house, where he, his wife and 12-year-old son were sleeping.

"Ten, 15 seconds later, he kicked the door real hard and kicked the door in," Hunter said. "The young man came running up upstairs, saying, 'Save me. Help me. Help me.'"

The man was bleeding from the back of the head, the homeowner said.

"I was terrified," Hunter said. "Just my family, I was thinking about them, protecting them. I didn't know if somebody was trying to rob us or what."

Raleigh wreck leads to mistaken home break-in Raleigh family 'terrified' as wreck victim kicks in door

The man claimed that he had been shot sometime between leaving a club and getting into the wreck, but police said they haven't been able to determine the cause of his injury. He was sent to WakeMed.

Raleigh police officers, a K-9 unit and the County-City Bureau of Identification remained at the scene later Friday morning, trying to piece together the series of events. The door of the home was still open and was surrounded by spattered blood.


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  • dsewa4 May 18, 2011

    So I know the contractor that fixed the mans door.... and even stayed till sunday 11:00 to help the guy get his home secure. The guy hasnt paid for the work completed and now the contractor is the victim. Whos the nice guy now!

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount May 13, 2011

    Amen to that...kick in my door, get shot...

  • discowhale May 13, 2011

    If he had kicked my door open, he would have been shot in the front too! And the door kickers race means nothing to me, I'm an Equal Opportunity Shooter.

    I'll shoot you, regardless of race, if you break into MY house. If my wife doesn't get you first or the dog isn't biting you that is.

  • grimreaper May 13, 2011

    Sorry, but he would have been DEAD at my doorstep.

  • many moons May 13, 2011

    The homeowner is my cousin. I talk to his brother about what happen, he said that they was pretty shook up about what happen. My cousin is a good guy, but he's know push over believe me his instinct kick in that this young guy really needed help.

  • lilluke0 May 13, 2011

    This was a terrible way to get help for an accident victim who kicks in your door!! This homeowner could have been justified had he decided to shoot and ask questions later for this early morning wakeup call!But I'm happy the guy got the medical help he needed without further injuries like his life for one thing.

  • kcollier39 May 13, 2011

    if i had just been shot and survived the last thing i would have done was kick someones door in,that will surely get you killed.

  • penny for your thoughts May 13, 2011

    I don't have a gun, but I have a pretty good collection of hunting knives that would have done some damage to this guy if he had kicked my door in at that time....Ring my doorbell and bang on the door, and I'd help - kick it in and I won't be happy!

  • golorealist May 13, 2011

    although this man was apparently shot in the back of the head and was seeking help when he kicked the door in, he's lucky and should be grateful that he didn't get shot in the face in the process. seeking help is one thing. kicking in a door in the middle of the night is another thing.

  • JustmyopinionNC May 13, 2011

    I hope he offers to pay for the door.