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Evangelist Billy Graham in Asheville hospital

Posted May 11, 2011

Evangelist Billy Graham

— Evangelist Billy Graham, 92, was admitted Wednesday to an Asheville hospital.

In a statement, a spokesman for Mission Hospital said Graham had a "health episode" Tuesday night and was being treated for a pulmonary ailment.

Lucian Rice, Graham's primary care doctor, said, “He is resting comfortably and is fully alert.”

Despite his age, Graham is in overall good health, according to his staff. 

The man once dubbed "America's pastor" has receded from public life in recent years and spends most of his time with family and close friends at his Montreat home. President Barack Obama paid him a visit there in April 2010, and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin visited in 2009. 


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  • pebbles262004 May 17, 2011

    Thank You Lord for Billy Graham and his years of service for you and your people.I hope that he is a multi millionaire, because he sure deserves to be. May God continue to bless him.

  • blw81712 May 12, 2011

    I was a childhood fan of Rev. Graham, but as an adult I realized that alot of his positions were far too political. His reluctance to meet Pres. Obama struck a bad tone with me. He meet with other democratic president without hesitation, so what was the problem. While Graham is a man of the bible, most know that alot of these southeren preaches still have alot of racist tendencys. Pretty sure hes a Birthist like his drug addicted son.

  • haggis basher May 12, 2011

    "He represents what a good preacher is all about. "

    Becoming a multi millionaire???

  • dsalter May 12, 2011

    He represents what a good preacher is all about. I hope he recovers soon.

  • melvinb May 12, 2011

    A godly man who has served his Heavenly Father well....praying for his healing as he is there in Asheville in the hospital. Indeed, he will leave a legacy of commitment and obedience to God's Word which we can only aspire to emulate.

    To those who seem hell-bent on denying Rev. Graham's selfless devotion to our Triune God, may I assure you that God loves you and has made a way for you to enter into His Kingdom. I can only pray you will accept His free gift of eternal life while there is yet time.

    Your denial and negative thinking about Rev. Graham can in no way diminish the truth of the Word which he has proclaimed so faithfully all these years. PERHAPS, that truth may yet pierce a sin-hardened heart....

  • mchljam2 May 12, 2011

    ncwolf08 BRAVO!!!!! I feel that way about most comments on GOLO,your friend a blue devil girl

  • BEACH May 12, 2011

    Prayers for your Ref. Graham, you are one of the Great ones, would have loved to have met you in person.

  • weasel2 May 12, 2011

    Lest see if they want to lower the flags when his final day comes. I hope not because I thought there something called the separation of church and state

  • haggis basher May 12, 2011

    "I was lucky enough to hear this man speak years ago. He really was Mesmerizing at the pulpit."

    Hitler was mesmerizing too.......and most con men are.

  • Setnitst8 May 12, 2011

    I was lucky enough to hear this man speak years ago. He really was Mesmerizing at the pulpit.