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Raleigh residents say homes were bulldozed without warning

Posted May 2, 2011

— Residents of a Raleigh mobile home community that was heavily damaged by a tornado on April 16 are accusing the company that owns Stony Brook North of bulldozing homes without residents' knowledge.

The company, Colorado-based American Residential Communities, maintains that the damaged homes were a safety hazard and needed to be removed, while residents say they weren't given ample warning to collect their belongings before the homes were demolished.

ARC also said that residents were offered help by emergency workers and were given five days to collect their belongings.

Raleigh residents say homes were bulldozed without warning Raleigh residents say homes were bulldozed without warning

At a meeting in a nearby park Monday, residents, most of whom only speak Spanish, threatened to hire attorneys to make sure the bulldozing stops. The Hope Community Church in Raleigh is trying to help them.

"They have been through traumatic stuff. They are dealing with issues and not thinking clearly," said Byron McMillan, a volunteer from the church.

McMillan said two of the 11 families his church adopted had their homes demolished. ARC admits that four homes at Stony Brook North were bulldozed.

In a statement, an ARC spokesperson said that "the decision was made that these homes needed to be removed to protect the general safety and welfare of the community residents and workers."

But McMillan said that residents should have been notified.


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  • dontgetmestarted May 4, 2011

    Kittiboo...I agree that they should have had ample time to get their things but I do NOT agree that it should be the business, school's or any other establishment's responsibility to HIRE and PAY for translators for those unwilling to learn the language of where you chose to live. The individual should either learn the language or provide a translator for themselves (which is usually their children).
    Furthermore, "judge not lest ye be judged". I will not try to determine if someone is a "Christian" or not based on a GOLO post. That is for God alone. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and let he who be WITHOUT sin cast the first stone, and according to my bible ALL have sinned and being a Christian doesn't make you perfect. We still sin, we just have to renew our minds daily and ask forgiveness and try to do better. Our minds and mouths are our biggest foes after all. I know I try to do better all the time but still have my opinions.

  • dontgetmestarted May 4, 2011

    Rescuefan...I also took Spanish for 3yrs in High School and could pretty much read, speak and understand the language quite well. However, as I got older and didn't keep up my skills, I find that now I can't speak nor understand it as well. That's due to my letting my skills wane. However, I disagree totally that your age has anything to do with you learning a new language or any new skill for that matter unless you have some cognitive impairment like alzheimer's, etc... There is no reason that anyone, reguardless of age, couldn't learn English when they are surrounded by English speaking individuals on a daily basis if they WANTED to bad enough. If they aren't around it on a daily basis there is plenty of opportunity to be or at least try. I don't expect them to speak fluently but at least be able to understand it or know the basics. I'm sure in your line of work you know it could be a matter of life and death in an emergency situation where there is no translator available.

  • Mark Hayes May 3, 2011

    If there are those that are illegally here,than how can they think we should feel when they want the laws to work for them in one hand yet they broke the law by even being here,I feel their pain but can't exspect them to be too upset when they are still being a criminal element themselves and yet ICE has left them to be.

  • Mark Hayes May 3, 2011

    If you can't say anything nice just don't say anything,so I guess I won't make a comment that can be posted I have tried.

  • coolwill43 May 3, 2011

    i thought they were in the Shadows anyway, how could anyone contact someone in the Shadows?

  • lorenait May 3, 2011

    Please Press 1 to continue in English...

  • dragonslayer May 3, 2011

    Demolition permits are required BEFORE tearing down a structure. The are also asbestos and lead paint inspections required before a structure can be demolished and hauled off to the landfill.

  • rescuefan May 3, 2011

    "Anything they wanted or that could have been used should have been recovered the next day. After it has been wet for several days-items like clothing furniture etc would have very little if any value. It would be covered with mold and mildew. Wet clothing after several days would smell so bad you couldnt ever use them.

    That would all be well and good if they had been ALLOWED back into the park the next day, but they weren't. They were finally allowed back and could only take what they could carry in their arms 2 or 3 days later.

    As for whether the lease said 5 days or not, state law requires 30 days to evict and state law trumps the lease.

  • mad_dash May 3, 2011

    Well learn ENGLISH and maybe you would have understood.. YOUR fault!

  • IAMAmerican May 3, 2011

    I know Im sorry too. Im sorry that while this family was helping their friends bury 4 of their kids that their "trailor" was "unsafe" and be demolished. Seek help!

    Why don't you help? You seem to be so sympathetic to their needs?