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Two women linked to missing Durham woman's death

Posted April 26, 2011
Updated October 18, 2011

— Investigators have linked two more people with the disappearance of a Durham woman, according to search warrants released Tuesday.

Antoinetta Yvonne McKoy, 28, has been missing since December, and Durham police have searched a house at 2109 Pear Tree Lane repeatedly for two months for evidence in her disappearance and that of 5-year-old Jadon Higganbothan, who hasn't been seen since October.

"Just to know that I won't see her, that's painful," said McKoy's mother, Yvonne McKoy. "I have questions. I just want to know why."

Yvonne McKoy said police have not shared much information with her about the investigation, but in a previous search warrant investigators stated that Jadon's mother, Vania Rae Sisk, and her boyfriend, Peter Lucas Moses, were "directly involved" in the deaths of the missing woman and boy.

The latest search warrants, which seek DNA samples from Lavada Harris, 40, and LaRhonda Smith, 27, also tie them to McKoy's disappearance.

Both women lived with Moses, Sisk and McKoy in the Pear Tree Lane home, according to the warrant. Investigators have alleged that the group were members of the Black Hebrews, a religious sect that believes it descends directly from the ancient tribes of Israel.

"I don't think my daughter was aware of what was transacting down there and when she did become aware, she wanted to come home and they prevented it," Yvonne McKoy said.

2109 Pear Tree Lane Two women linked to missing Durham woman's death

Sisk, 25, and Moses, 27, were arrested two weeks ago during a raid at 121-B Dunstan Ave. in Durham. They haven't been charged in the case but are being held in the Durham County jail on unrelated charges.

Harris and Smith haven't been charged in the case either and weren't in custody Tuesday.

A witness told police that two women and Moses forced McKoy back into the house, where she was shot and killed in the second-floor master bathroom, the warrants state.

Investigators have found a bullet, shell casing and evidence of human blood and "overt cleaning" inside the house, according to warrants.

A confidential informant told Durham police in February that both Jadon and McKoy were killed in the Pear Tree Lane house and that their bodies were disposed of.

Sisk, Moses and others moved to Colorado Springs early this year, and Durham police asked Colorado authorities to check on Jadon's whereabouts. Authorities put several other children found in the Colorado Springs home into protective custody but couldn't find Jadon.

Sisk later returned to Durham and met with investigators in early March. She told them she left Jadon with an acquaintance on Feb. 20, but police said her statements were inconsistent.

Police also have obtained DNA from Sisk and Moses and seized laptop computers and cellphones for evidence in the case.


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  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Apr 27, 2011

    Evil indeed.

    Go get 'em Durham PD.

  • TFH Apr 27, 2011

    "robjustrob" you commented "This may not be about religious radicalism at all", however, this also means it could be.

    The news keeps mentioning it for a reason and it appears to be a religious cult related crimes is why. To make your assumption is a stretch because history tells us some religious cults have acted with acts of violence and murder before such as Branch Davidians and Jim Jones to name two. Remember, Jim Jones did also get hooked on drugs which adds to the issue of occultism and religons as we know today that condone even honor killings amongst family members and others, not to mention the religious followers who terrozize and murder others who do not believe in their religion and religious laws.

    Drugs may validate your point, but it appears not to be the whole picture in this case due to informant telling all. It has to be a connection it appears.

    There can be a true religion, but also we know there are religions that teach us to oppress, suppress, murder even relate

  • sammyg Apr 27, 2011

    How can sisk live with herself? She knows exactly what happened to her boy...

  • shortcake53 Apr 27, 2011

    I dont understand such evil. You just dont know what is going on in the house next door. My thought and prayers to this little boy and woman who are missing.

  • Con Amor brings luv and laughter Apr 27, 2011

    I hope that the whole truth will soon come out in this case, and that justice comes to the families of the victims. This story makes me very sad.

  • robjustrob Apr 26, 2011

    This may not be about religious radicalism at all. I'm even finding myself wondering why membership in a religious sect has to be alleged as if it were a crime. Yes, it sounds like they have some extreme beliefs, enough so that mainstream white Hebrews would distance themselves from these people. But isn't the mother already facing drug charges? What if the two were under the influence & accidentally caused the death of the child? The McKoy woman, perhaps the more virtuous of the three, wants to do the right thing and report it, so she is silenced. Chalk it up to the desperate consequences of a life steeped in the drug culture. Possible?

  • wralfan Apr 26, 2011

    This is what religious fanaticism does to vulnerable people.

  • GODCHILD Apr 26, 2011

    Hopefully these two will talk......

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Apr 26, 2011

    Am not sure how DNA will help, since they have no bodies yet, but am watching to see.