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Army investigators at Fort Bragg accused of kidnapping

Posted March 31, 2011

— Four law enforcement officers at Fort Bragg have been suspended, and the FBI is investigating a complaint against them, WRAL News has learned.

The members of the Army Criminal Investigative Command, whose names haven't been released, are accused of kidnapping a civilian and taking him to a remote area on Fort Bragg, a source close to the investigation said.

The source told WRAL News that the civilian was allegedly involved with the wife of one of the CID agents and that the alleged kidnapping occurred in the past week.

CID spokesman Chris Grey confirmed that four members of the division's drug investigation unit have been suspended, but he declined to comment further.

The FBI wouldn't comment on the investigation.


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  • rayh Apr 1, 2011

    If you're going to fish in somebody else's pond, don't go crying when you get caught.

  • west3205 Apr 1, 2011

    Sounds like the movie "True Lies" with Ar..no..ld!!!

  • ncst8mpa Apr 1, 2011

    Hmm. This looks like a case for NCIS !!

  • grasshopperrtp2 Mar 31, 2011

    The CID is the military version of the FBI.I see a cover up and I smell a rat.Fort Bragg has the "reservation"It is thousands of acres of nothing.You could bury a body there and it would never be found.If they let the guy live,then they only wanted to scare him.Where is the wife?It takes two to tango.

  • bombayrunner Mar 31, 2011

    I have an idea Barney lets scare her boyfriend!

    She doesn't like you anymore so divorce and move on loser.

  • cstone13132 Mar 31, 2011

    heard about this happening here before the army runs fayetteville & has for awhile if the army say's jump f-ville say's how high ,IF THE ARMY BASE CLOSED FAYETTEVILLE WOULD BLOW AWAY!!!!

  • TheDude abides... Mar 31, 2011

    Thats right..."kneel and lick my gov-issue boots"


  • bombayrunner Mar 31, 2011

    Sounds like a 'take the law into our own hands' move. Could just see it now, guns out like the old west. Here is another reason to have a concealed carry permit. When you need to literally protect yourself from the government and its 'above the law' pointy headed bozos.

    Most of the time, they'd get away with this. Maybe if the guy was taken care of business he'd not have the wife problems.

  • airbornemonty Mar 31, 2011

    What I find difficult to understand is that most men will only go as far as the woman will allow them to go and it seems that this woman did a lot of encouraging.

    If it had happened to me, I would blame my soon to be exwife all of the way to divorce court and then sue them both for alienation of affection.

  • Gork Mar 31, 2011

    an education is required to know how to spell a 4-letter word?