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Woman shot on All American Expressway dies

Posted March 29, 2011

— A woman shot on the All American Expressway in Fayetteville on Monday died on Tuesday afternoon, Fayetteville police said. 

Investigators said Frances Marie Del Valle Sanchez, 21, and her ex-husband were traveling south together on the freeway in a black GMC Yukon on Monday afternoon when they got into a minor wreck, spun out of control and ended up in the median. No other vehicles were involved in the wreck.

"I believe a guy just shot someone in his vehicle, and they ran off the road," a 911 caller initially said. "She fell out his truck and she is bleeding out her head really bad.”

The caller later said he wasn't sure who fired the shot.

Police responded to the scene and found Sanchez on the ground outside the vehicle. Police say she had been shot in the head and several passersby, including a soldier from a Medical Support Unit at Fort Bragg, stopped to help her.

Sanchez's ex-husband, who has been identified as a Fort Bragg solider, was in the driver's seat. His name was not released.

Witnesses told officers they saw the soldier, wearing his combat uniform, get out of the SUV and go into a wooded area after the shooting.

Questions remain in All American freeway shooting Questions remain in All American freeway shooting

Police say the two, who were recently divorced, appear to have gotten into some kind of struggle inside the vehicle before the wreck. 

"That's something detectives are still looking into," Fayetteville police spokesman Gavin MacRoberts said.

It is unknown what caused the shooting. 

"We want to determine exactly who pulled the trigger, and that's something we're looking into at this point," MacRoberts said. 

The driver was detained for questioning and released Monday night. Sanchez died at Cape Fear Valley Hospital on Tuesday afternoon.

No charges have been filed.

The incident remains under investigation. MacRoberts said police are continuing to interview witnesses who were driving behind the vehicle at the time of the incident. 

The All American Expressway was closed for three hours following the incident.


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  • mzfsu2011 Mar 31, 2011

    After keeping up with the stories on here and fayobserver it does sound likely she committed suicide. Sounds like things were already pretty bad...i mean the girl was 21 and divorced. Honestly what i think happened is they get into an argument while driving, she either starts hitting him or pulls the gun out which causes him to spin out of control. He gets out and starts running to the woods thinking she is going to shot him. She gets out and shots at him (according to witnesses they heard gunshotS) then feels overwhelmed and shots herself. Minutes later he sees people helping her and realizes she has shot herself. He then (probaly in serious shock) gets back in the driver seat until police arrive. Either way its veryyy sad. Nobody will ever know (other than him) what exactly happened. Love is tough, but no one should lose/take their life. I pray she rests and peace and praying he can mentally get through this as well. No matter if that was his ex wife, i'm sure he still loved her.

  • RM24 Mar 31, 2011

    after any and all investigations have taken place they can arrest and convict him anytime after the incident xoomgitserinxo

    WITHOUT a TRIAL huh?

  • hcandeeluv334 Mar 30, 2011

    apparently she committed suicide from what i hear. that is why he was never charged...**ferom what i have been hearing so far**. that is why his name hasnt been released. sadly only he and she know the truth

  • mdhtp0002 Mar 30, 2011

    @poohpdoo2002 how do you know that happened according to what is being stated in the news is stating he was saw going into the woods and then came into the driver seat... I'm not saying what you are saying can't be true i'm just saying what was noted in the news...and what i recall reading...

  • Call It Like I See It Mar 30, 2011

    *can't detain-whoops

  • poohpdoo2002 Mar 30, 2011

    He never left the vehicle. He was sitting in the passenger seat the whole time. He did not run to the woods. The weapon was found by her feet. The wound was on the right side of her head and she received the wound outside of the vehicle, once the vehicle came to a stop on the median.

  • djhartm Mar 30, 2011

    @moonpie - I'm glad I've recently applied for my handgun permit, and will eventually file for my CHP before liberals like you take away that right. Firearms don't kill people by themselves, and the lack of one is not going to stop someone intent on harming another from doing so. The incident last week in Vance where a driver was pulled from his car and beaten by a group of punks would like have been averted had the driver had a firearm.

  • genralwayne Mar 30, 2011

    "It sounds pretty obvious that he shot her."

    "...why don't they test him and her for gun powder residue."

    "...making it EASIER to obtain, conceal and more places to fire weapons...genius...."

    If ya'll had half a brain between ya, you'd be dangerous. Theorizing ahead of the facts and trying to second guess the pros on the scene - You're hilarious!

  • Call It Like I See It Mar 30, 2011

    lineofduty: Not necessarily, after any and all investigations have taken place they can arrest and convict him anytime after the incident, but without having that hard proof or evidence yet they can detain him merely on "gut feelings". And of course they will run the tests that mdhtp0002 was referring too as well as many more.... I come from a big time law enforcement family of deputies, sheriffs, investigators,and polygraph examiners... not trying to sound like a know it all, i just know a little about it.

  • RM24 Mar 30, 2011

    Clearly the MAN did it right? A woman could never kill herself.
    END sarcasm.

    We have a news report and people already have him guilty. NO wonder the state is wasting THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS trying to find Brad Cooper guilty.