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Man hides in ceiling, burglarizes Raleigh bar

Posted March 23, 2011
Updated March 26, 2011

— A Raleigh bar owner said his business was burglarized by a man who hid in the ceiling tiles for several hours before leaving with thousands.

The thief took about $6,000, liquor and two laptops from The Goat, 5111 Western Blvd., this past weekend.

Brandon Laroque, owner of The Goat, believes the man got into the bar with the help of an accomplice on Saturday night.

Surveillance video shows that hours before the burglary, a woman let a man from outside into the ladies’ restroom. Minutes later, the woman left the restroom, but the man didn’t.

“He climbs up in the ceiling tiles and waits for about five or six hours while they are cleaning,” Laroque said.

After the restroom was empty, the thief climbed down and robbed the bar. 

Laroque says times are tough in the bar business and the loss hurts.

the goat robbery Ceiling-hiding thief hits Raleigh bar

Laroque believes this is the second time his business has been burglarized by the same man.

On March 14, Laroque said the thief was in the ceiling, but he came down too early. Bartenders were still at work and chased him to his getaway car.

Ba Da Wings, at nearby 161 Avent Ferry Road, was also robbed this past weekend. Police said that thief also likely hid in the ceiling.


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  • damnyank Mar 25, 2011

    maillelemming4.... i think you got hckyplyr all wrong. i think he was saying that maybe someone that works in the bar was in on the plan. so stop trying to be mean... maybe you're the one that needs to read before making stupid comments.

  • Igor Mar 24, 2011

    Like an earlier poster said...motion detectors and better cash management could have prevented this. Bet this business owner won't do that again...

  • logitech Mar 24, 2011

    I just want to know who put those dropped ceilings in. Most of them have a hard enough time holding the tiles in place. The thought of one holding 100+lbs of a person has me stumped.

  • zillaboy29 Mar 24, 2011

    OK first of all the robber has a mask on so you cannot see him. But if you watch the video you can see the woman's face who lets him in the back door. Police should be posting her face all over the news so they can catch her because obviously she is the robbers accomplice. You find her you will find him.

  • chach2r Mar 24, 2011

    I think they need to arrest the women that let the guy in, They have a good look at her.

  • OneLove Mar 24, 2011

    have someone on the inside.

    thats what Im thinking^^^

  • JuicyDeetts Mar 24, 2011

    hckyplyr72-Yes it stated above.....Surveillance video shows that hours before the robbery, a woman let a man from outside into the ladies’ restroom. Minutes later, the woman left the restroom, the man didn’t.
    bmg379- If you watch the video he just leaves through the emergency exit, Locked fromoutside, but not from within.
    Please use some common sense and read the entire article before asking/making STUPID question/comments!!!
    Thank you!

  • bmg379 Mar 24, 2011

    why would anyone leave cash in a bar overnight,also how did he get out,our business has to locked with a deadbolt you can't just walk out

  • hckyplyr72 Mar 24, 2011

    So you tell me they tried this already. So why not check the ceilings at night???????????????????
    This place is either run by incompetent people or they have someone on the inside.

  • nonemeant Mar 24, 2011

    If a man tried the same thing just weeks ago; why would you leave thousands in the bar?? This smells a little suspiciously like a rat.