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Driver, others charged after Vance County melee

Posted March 23, 2011

— The man who hit a pedestrian in Vance County Saturday night faces charges of driving with a revoked license, driving with a revoked license plate and driving without insurance.

The Vance County Sheriff's Office has said Eric Loznicka accidentally hit Reuben Wright, 18, on Raleigh Road in Henderson. Deputies said Loznicka had no chance to see Wright or stop before hitting him.

Some witnesses told deputies Wright was in the road, but his friends disputed that claim, saying he was standing alongside the road when he was hit. Wright was listed in critical condition at Duke University Hospital Tuesday night.

In 911 calls placed in the minutes after the accident, people describe a chaotic scene where bystanders pulled Loznicka from his car and began beating him.

"They're running up the street saying they're going to kill everybody," one caller said.

"Something really bad is going on here," another caller told dispatchers. "Somebody's getting hurt really bad."

Driver, others charged after Vance County melee Driver, others charged after Vance County melee

Deputies arrested four Henderson men: Lonnie Jack Hargrove, 19, and Less Ragland, 26, both of 745 Southerland St., and Damien Elijah Trowbridge, 34, of 199 Bunn St., and Avone Fouch, 30, of 536 Abbott Road, Lot 10. Vance County Sheriff Peter White said two other men – brothers Carlton Ragland, 21, and James Henry Ragland, 22, both of 324 Charles St. – surrendered to authorities.

All six are charged with misdemeanor assault.

Loznicka escaped the crowd and ran to a passing truck, a caller said. The driver of the truck took him to Maria Parham Medical Center, where he was treated and released. 

Some of the people from the scene of the beating followed Loznicka to the hospital, where someone hit his daughter in the head, authorities said.

There is no indication that the assault was racially motivated, authorities said.


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  • kdnbya Mar 25, 2011

    JoCo Gun Owner... If you ever lose some you truly love you are never normal afterwards...AND DEF. NOT STABLE!!!

  • Arapaloosa Mar 25, 2011

    "it is a reaction when someone you love is hurt!!!"

    Not for normal, stable people...

  • mattcli Mar 24, 2011

    The unfortunate implication with the media coverage of stories like this is that a bunch of black guys beating up a white guy isn't nearly the news story that a bunch of white guys beating up a black guy is. As if it happens every day so it's just ho hum boring. I guess it's the dog bites man vs. man bites dog idea. That's the implication anyway.

  • kdnbya Mar 24, 2011

    These comments are CRAZY!!! so A VERY sad accident happened and now it has turned into a Black and White thing?? A Hate crime??? My sister was killed in a car accident and If They would have known who ran her off the road then I would do the samething it is a reaction when someone you love is hurt!!!

  • GodBless Mar 24, 2011

    radartoe...a female hit the daughter. No females reported to be arrested/charged. Go figure...

  • Rebelyell55 Mar 24, 2011

    I see WRAL has left this one up for awhile due to all the posting. Would like to know more about the daughter being attacked and by who. Was the person arrested. The post defending the crimminal are funny, keep up the good work.

  • 27615 Mar 24, 2011

    NAACP racists where you at?

  • Mar 24, 2011

    "Misdemeanor? That is all? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!"

    Simple assault is a misdemeanor, but they're are several classifications, i.e. Class A, B, C, etc. And the more severe the assault and taking in consideration the prior criminal records of those charged, no way this will be a Class A or B, in my opinion.

    And the higher the classification, more likely they'll see jail time.

    My prediction, they're all going to do some time. Probably not as much as they deserve, but their going to get their freedom taken away for some period of time.

  • fatchanceimwrong Mar 24, 2011

    "fatchanceimwrong--Why is up to "other black ppl" to speak up and do something about it? EVERYONE needs to speak up. EVERYONE needs to take action. I don't get why you would think that one race is responsible for everyone else within that race. If that's truly your attitude, I can sure think of some things that YOU need to speak up on in regards to your race's behavior. *It's better to be thought to be ignorant than to [open your mouth] write something so simple, and remove ALL doubt.* SMH" - yrishanichelle

    Because when any white person speaks out against the level of violence among blacks, primarily young black males, they are automatically labeled as racists.

    Blacks won't listen to whites on these issues. They wouldn't even listen to Bill Cosby or any other leaders in the black community.

  • boneymaroney13 Mar 24, 2011

    Hmmmmm, guy on the ground get's kicked in the head. Ever heard of assault with a deadly weapon??? Oh, I forgot, we need to change the players in order to be able to charge that.