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Tires seized from vehicle involved in deadly I-40 wreck

Posted March 17, 2011

— Raleigh police have seized the front tires of a vehicle driven by a woman who was killed during a chain-reaction wreck on Interstate 40 West last month, according to search warrants obtained by WRAL News on Thursday. 

On Feb. 23, Amelia Hernandez-Garcia, 34, got out of a vehicle stopped in the center lane and asked for help from another motorist who had stopped. As she was standing outside the other vehicle, a Mini-Cooper struck it causing Hernandez-Garcia to be thrown into traffic. She was then struck by a vehicle and died at the scene. 

Hernandez-Garcia's vehicle was also hit in the crash. 

According to search warrants, police found the tread on the right front tire of Hernandez-Garcia's vehicle had separated from the side wall and the left front tire had substantial wear to the side wall. The vehicle also had temporary 30-day tags, indicating it may have been recently purchased. Police believe Hernandez-Garcia stopped due to a mechanical problem with her vehicle. 

Police seized the airbag control module from the vehicle that knocked Hernandez-Garcia into traffic, according to search warrants. The module will help law enforcement determine the speed the vehicle was traveling. 

No charges have been filed. 


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  • 42ITUS Mar 18, 2011

    Speaking from experience, rear enders are always at fault. The charge is generally failure to reduce speed in order to avoid an accident.

  • Common Sense Man Mar 18, 2011

    "Pedestrians may have the right of way but stopping on a busy interstate highway for any reason is extremely dangerous."

    What does a pedestrian have to do with this wreck? She wasn't a pedestrian, and if she was she certainly wouldn't have had the right-of-way. She was on an interstate.

  • The Deadhead Mar 18, 2011

    "seized"? I guess only "officials" seize things.

  • catchfinally Mar 18, 2011

    @EverythingTicksMeOff, OK OK, My "Cash For Clunker" comment was SARCASM that went right over everyone's head, I apologize! Because any minute now, there's a liberal somewhere who is going to make a stretch and blame ALL of this on George Bush lol. Have a great weekend everyone... and PLEASE drive safe. I'm on I-40 twice a day.

  • mrduright Mar 18, 2011

    How is it Obama name comes up in everything that happens here.

  • jhilfiker2001 Mar 18, 2011

    they want to look at tires to go after whoever sold her a car with bad tires I guess, other than that its pretty irrelevant.

  • oldrwizr Mar 18, 2011

    I don't see how tires have anything to do with this. Regardless of the condition of her tires, she could've just as easily stopped on the shoulder rather than the middle of five lanes on an interstate highway. Same for engine trouble for that matter. This really seems to be based on a lack of driving knowledge. I'll leave conjecture as to her nationality and immigration status to the right-wingers, who obviously know everything about anything.

  • gingerlynn Mar 18, 2011

    My car died in the middle of I40 once. I nursed it almost to the side of the road, but will still partly in the right lane. I waited for the Motor Assistance Patrol to come up behind me with the lights going before I went anywhere!

  • EverythingTicksMeOff Mar 18, 2011

    Could GOLO please add a requirement that to post in response to an article, said poster must take an oath that they actually did read the article? Otherwise, I'm going to start posting random comments since that is as relevant as these "cash for clunkers" and "disabled vehicle on the side of the road" comments. Jiminy!

  • catchfinally Mar 18, 2011

    @TriangleMommy - you do realize we're talking about a car stopped in the center lane of I-40 right? She got out of her car on a busy highway. Not a good place to change a flat OR look under the hood. People who are born in this country andget their driver's license the legal way learn the following:

    What should you do if your car breaks down?

    1. If possible, park where the disabled vehicle can be seen for 200 feet in each direction.
    2. Move the vehicle so all four wheels are off the pavement.
    3. Turn on your emergency flashers.
    4. Get all passengers out on the side away from traffic.
    5. Tie a white cloth on the left door handle or antenna.
    6. Raise the hood.
    7. Call 911