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Some NC taxpayers get false notice of debt

Posted March 17, 2011
Updated March 18, 2011

— Some taxpayers have received notices falsely stating that they owe state taxes for 2008, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina Department of Revenue said Thursday.

Spokeswoman Beth Stevens said that the notices were sent after the U.S. Internal Revenue Service provided the revenue department with inaccurate data about federal taxable income for some returns.

Fewer than 2,000 taxpayers are affected by the error, she said. It affects those who claimed the standard deduction for 2008 and who increased their deduction for property taxes or loss after a federal disaster.

Stevens said the revenue department has already started correcting the problem for taxpayers who have called for assistance and is working to identify and contact the other affected individuals.

The incorrect notices were dated and mailed March 2. Taxpayers who received a notice with that date and a "reason code" of 893 should call the revenue department’s Taxpayer Assistance branch at 1-877-252-3052.

Taxpayers should also look for an explanation section that states, "An adjustment has been made to change the federal taxable income as reported on your North Carolina return to the amount per your federal return."

"We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused North Carolina taxpayers, and we are moving as quickly as possible to correct the situation. Customer service and being easy to do business with remain our top priorities," Secretary of Revenue David Hoyle said in a statement.


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  • ifcdirector Mar 18, 2011

    'Customer service and being easy to do business with remain our top priorities," Secretary of Revenue David Hoyle said in a statement.'

    Some comedian should use this at Charlie Goodnights this weekend. What a joke.

  • SomeRandomGuy Mar 18, 2011

    I have a letter too, although mine is legit-there is NO reason code on it anywhere.

  • EverythingTicksMeOff Mar 18, 2011

    golorealist, you don't seem to be able to discern the difference between attempting to defraud and making a mistake.

  • turtledove Mar 18, 2011

    They seem to be able to let prison inmates submit false claims and collect monies not owed to them.

  • golorealist Mar 18, 2011

    That's an interesting way for the state to fill the budget gap. Just kidding. Kind of.

    What if we start submitting "false" tax returns claiming refunds that we aren't owed? Do you think they would be as understanding of our "false" tax returns as they expect taxpayers to be of their "false" notices? Probably not.

  • fishstory Mar 18, 2011

    Didn't I hear a news bit about the US citizens confidence in their Government and Media the other day? Oh Yea, Its was on the news, and they said "EVERYTHING" was great and everyone they talked to felt just so snuggly and secure. PLEASE MARTHA!!!!

  • fishstory Mar 18, 2011

    It's OK for duh gubmint to make a mistake for duh bettermint of duh taxamint, but not the citizenmint. duh huh

  • beachboater Mar 18, 2011

    It's not that uncommon for the gooberment to make a mistake on a tax return. It happens about every two years. That said, Guv'na Dumplin has nothing to do with that, unless it is an unqualified appointment.

    The main point I'm trying to make, if you receive a notice from the IRS or NC Department of Revenue, DO NOT pay it unless you understand it completely. Contact a CPA or competant tax person, and I'm not talking Jackson Hewit or H & R. Block.

  • TheBigLC Mar 18, 2011

    Wow this article is going lower and lower on the totem pole. Can you say biased boys and girls? I knew you could. It's a beautiful day i the neighborhood.

  • GWALLY Mar 18, 2011

    .."As if mistakes were never made in the private sector..."

    At least you can get the "mistake" corrected AND you have the choice of doing business there again or not..!! This is EXACTLY why private sector, real world business customer service is far superior to government....because with government agencies, they have ALL the authority and NO responsibility...!!!