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Motorcyclist dies in Wake County chase, wreck

Posted March 6, 2011
Updated March 7, 2011

— A motorcyclist died in a wreck after leading authorities on a high-speed chase through Wake County Saturday night, authorities said.

Sheriff's deputies clocked a Honda CBR 1000 motorcycle going 133 mph on Interstate 40, near the U.S. 70 Highway Bypass, around 11:30 p.m., said Phyllis Stephens, a spokeswoman for the Wake County Sheriff's Office.

She said that the driver refused to stop, and a 23-mile chase ensued along I-40, Interstate 440 and U.S. Highway 64 East.

State troopers said the motorcycle hit another vehicle on U.S. Highway 64 in Zebulon, then ran off the road and struck a guardrail.

The motorcyclist – Daniel Scott Barnes, 22, of Bailey – was ejected and died instantly, troopers said. No one else was injured.

Authorities have not released more information about the incident.

Barnes' friends said they were shocked by his death.

"He has never been in trouble. He's always been a straight kid – no drinking, drugs, any of that stuff," family friend Jason Worrell said. "He wanted to be a state trooper, was going back to school. Pretty ironic, really."

Worrell came out to the scene of the wreck Sunday.

"I had to just come out here and see what happened," he said. "Pick up a few pieces (of wreckage) – just something to remember him by."


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  • mpsoldier1985 Mar 9, 2011

    Journey985...yeah reading your posts will tell people that even though they break the law...it is some how the cops fault

  • Journey985 Mar 8, 2011

    hopefully others that read this will learn from the mistakes that took place on both sides. Daniel should not have run, and the LEO's should have called the chase LONG before 26 miles, they knew it would only end badly for him.

  • friendly101 Mar 8, 2011

    Tomorrow we say our final good bye. So sad..RIP Daniel

  • pebbles262004 Mar 8, 2011

    "chromelexus" thank you for making the dumbest comment of all. It really shows how ignorant you are. Thanks again

  • jondoe Mar 8, 2011

    I am very sorry for the Barnes family. May God comfort you all.

  • mpsoldier1985 Mar 8, 2011

    chromelexus22....It is a sad situation for his family, but why is it ok to blame the police? What is ignorant is to CHOOSE to drive any type of motor vehicle at twice the speed limit and not realize the danger you are putting yourself and other in. And is the "unintelligent people" or "ignorant hillbilly" who choose to OBEy the law, and when they do break the law stop for LE officers to take the punishment? I am sure most of the people posting are praying for the family but WILL NOT stand by and listen to our LEO's be trashed bc one individual decided to act recklessly with their life. And like all stories this will fade away in the website. people will stop posting, but WRAL ran a story and allow people to practice free speech to by posting opinions.

  • NCSU2311 Mar 8, 2011

    It saddens me to read how ignorant and selfish this world has become. People make mistakes, the real issue here is a young man died and now his family is in need of support and comfort, which all of you dumb people can't seem to give. You should truly feel ashamed to even post a comment that isn't helpful to his family. I would love to see how some of you would react if a loved one of yours died and you had unintelligent people placing blame on them and highlighting their mistake, but then again most of you probably don't have any loved ones because your too selfish and foolish for anyone to love you. Congratulations for making North Carolina truly seem like a bunch of ignorant hillbillies. And by the way WRAL should also be ashamed for allowing this to continue, if anyone there has any compassion at all please take off the ability for people to post these horrible comments to his family in their time of terrible grief! I truly hope the Barnes family knows people are praying for

  • kendudewalters Mar 7, 2011

    Law enforcement officers should have let he go after a short chase. My family and I were almost killed by a LEO when his car went airborne at a raised railroad crossing. God bless this young man and his family.

  • james27613 Mar 7, 2011

    Perhaps the throttle stuck on the cycle?

  • thepeopleschamp Mar 7, 2011

    Classified, I would agree with you, but then we would both be wrong.