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Cross damaged at site where infant's body found

Posted March 3, 2011

— A cross that marks where an infant's body was found along a Cumberland County road 12 years ago was damaged early Thursday, authorities said.

The 1-day-old baby died of blunt force trauma in March 1999, and his body was put into a bag and tossed to the side of Canady Pond Road in Gray's Creek, authorities said.

Investigators have never determined the identity of the child, whom they named "Baby Michael," or exactly how he died.

Cross damaged at site where infant's body found Cross damaged at site where infant's body found

The man who found the child's body, Neill Fowler, placed a cross at the site as a memorial 12 years ago and has tended to it since then. He said he went to the site Thursday morning to plant a rose bush to mark the anniversary of the baby's death and found the cross had been knocked down and broken.

Fowler said he's convinced the child's mother is the person who vandalized the memorial.

"It's got to be tearing her apart. She's got to be thinking about it," he said.

Cumberland County authorities issued notices this week that Thursday would have been Baby Michael's 12th birthday to generate leads in the case. Fowler said that probably upset the mother.

"Mom can't forget either, and she's disturbed (by it), I'm praying," he said.

Investigators have said they will not close the case until its solved. A reward for information is being offered in the case, and anyone with information is asked to call the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.

Baby Michael was given a proper burial in a cemetery in Linden.


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  • tammydale Mar 4, 2011

    News Flash!K-Mart is now offering lives!!!!! So now all you pathetic people can go get one!!!!!happy days!

  • pebbles262004 Mar 4, 2011

    The only "family" this poor baby has is the public. His sorry Mama threw him out of a car window...so sad, never loved, and has now disrepected his little spot on this earth.

  • beas Mar 3, 2011

    How much of a distraction can a small bunch of flowers and a cross be? Its not something that you stare at continually as you drive by. It is a small memorial for the family and loved ones. If you want to, take a quick look, and know that someone died in that spot. If you don't want to look, don't. But we can at least be respectful of the family. If this gives them comfort, what's wrong with it? We all receive comfort in different ways.

  • Spunky Mar 3, 2011

    So it's a distraction and we'll all be sorry when someone dies because of this distraction?

    What about the "rubberneckers" who wreck their own car simply because they were too busy looking at another wreck to mind their own business? Whose fault is that?

    It is each person's responsibility to watch what they are doing, if they want to look at the cross they should STOP and look at it.

  • Justin T. Mar 3, 2011

    What if a motorist gets distracted by a roadside memorial, wrecks, and all their kids are killed as a result? Some of you won't feel so high and mighty then.

  • tammydale Mar 3, 2011

    Can't we all just get along?

  • tammydale Mar 3, 2011

    It was not a stick in the mud,it was an aluminum pole.like the ones they use for Festivus occasions

  • Fisherwoman Mar 3, 2011

    I personally think that the only postings here should come from people who actually have a heart! Let something bad happen to someone you know and love and lets see how you take some of these RUDE AND HEARTLESS comments!!! Some People!
    RIP you sweet little angel. This story broke my heart.

  • mcdanielsbrandy Mar 3, 2011

    ohhhh it makes me mad when my comments isnt posted...wow some ppl n this world is heartless. how would ppl feel if someone done this where your love one pasted away? i dont see where this cross was hurting anyone. if you dont want to see it dont look.

  • tammydale Mar 3, 2011

    missQB..please stop,you are hurting my feeling.