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Father anxious to learn if missing Durham boy is alive

Posted March 1, 2011

— The father of a missing 5-year-old boy said Tuesday that he desperately wants to know whether his son is alive and where he is.

Authorities in Durham and in Colorado have been searching for Jadon Higganbothan for at least a week.

The boy's mother, Vania Rae Sisk, met with El Paso County, Colo., deputies Monday evening after learning that authorities had been searching for her and her son. Lt. Lari Sevene of the sheriff's office said Tuesday that she had no information on the whereabouts of the boy.

Jamiel Higganbothan, who divorced Sisk several years ago and now lives in Georgia, said Tuesday that he was stunned to hear from Durham police last week that his son was missing.

"All you want to know is, is your child alive," Higganbothan said.

He said he last spoke with Jadon about 18 months ago, when the boy was visiting relatives in Colorado Springs, where Higganbothan and Sisk used to live. He said it has been hard to keep up with Sisk and Jadon since the divorce, and he said he was surprised to learn that they had recently left Durham to return to Colorado.

Higganbothan said Jadon was last seen in October, although he didn't specify who saw him at that time. A missing persons report hasn't been filed with Durham police, and it's unclear who reported the boy missing.

Durham police have declined to answer questions about the case, saying only that they are working with Colorado authorities.

"It makes me wonder why (Sisk) hasn’t told authorities where he is," Higganbothan said. "So many scary thoughts are going through my mind, you know, because it shouldn’t take this long for you to just open up your mouth and give the information that’s needed."

Vania Sisk and Jadon Higganbothan Durham woman accounted for, son still missing

Authorities went to a Colorado Springs home last Wednesday to ask Sisk about the missing boy, but neither she nor her son was there. Colorado Springs police said nine other children were taken from the home and placed in the custody of the Teller County, Colo., Department of Social Services.

Higganbothan said Sisk was living with friends of relatives of her boyfriend. Many of the same people had been living in Durham previously, he said.

Durham police have searched a home at 2109 Pear Tree Lane for several days for evidence in the case. Technicians removed a box and a bag of items from the house Tuesday.

Sisk hasn't been charged with any crime.

"You never could even imagine somebody causing any kind of harm to Jadon because, when you look in his face, he always just seemed like he was a happy baby," Higganbothan said.

”I just want to know, is my child alive?" he said. "No matter what mistakes you made – what you did with Jadon, you know, or if you left him somewhere – it’s OK because I can get my child from wherever he is. But I can’t get him if he’s dead.”


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  • hazeyc Mar 2, 2011

    susang919 thanks for the link. Why can't WRAL provide us with this type of more in depth information?

  • TAKES_TO2_TANGO Mar 2, 2011

    jswaine2....yeah the father may have "rights" but for him to get the mother to honor his "rights" he would need $$$ for that & lots of it. Takes time to get that $$$ if you are middle class or below and last time I checked we were in a recession. I'm just saying...don't blame him if you don't know his position. Also, at least HE is acting like he is concerned. That's more than I can say for the mother.

  • jswaine2 Mar 2, 2011

    OK >>>I understand that this mother has major issues if they have already taken the other kids in the home. So this leads me to believe either she is hiding this child or something has happened terrible to this baby. As far as the father is concerned ...you really want to get involved now that your child is missing....where have you been in 18 months? Don't give the excuse that it was b/c the mother moved around. You are the father and you have rights and you can fight for them. I just pray that this baby is found alive and well!!!!

  • sammyg Mar 2, 2011

    Here's a link to the Colorado Springs paper that sheds a whole lot more on this:

  • sammyg Mar 2, 2011

    Why is she not talking? I bet she either gave her child away and truly doesn't know where he is or he's in heaven. Poor baby!

    I still want to know why the nine kids were placed in foster care. Can you please shed light on that?!!

  • oceancandle Mar 1, 2011

    Men don't always get the short end even if the mother is clearly the better parent. If you're a father fighting for custody, fight for it in Sanford, you'll probably win!

  • Tom Morrow Mar 1, 2011

    "it is obvious this man put forth no effort to seek custody of the child " kajwill

    Oh good, someone went and looked up court records. Not. How about you THINK before you make this "obvious" assertion, or are you putting some personal experience into your opinion?

  • Tom Morrow Mar 1, 2011

    man, that whole "one bad apple..." thing comes to mind here.

    There are LOTS of RESPONSIBLE fathers try to take care of their children, to pay child support after their crazy wife left, whatever it takes; but the entire system is slanted against them. A woman can file for divorce just because she's having a bad day or heat flashes, take HALF the assets, take the children, and disappear off the face of the planet. What do you think would happen if a man did this? Kidnapping charges, bury him under the jail. Society needs to reevaluate the whole "mom is the better caregiver" thought process, because this is not always the case.

    I do not know this man or this woman, so I cannot speak to "who did what", but I cannot simply stand idle while some of you people "manbash" with no information either.

  • kajwill Mar 1, 2011

    takes to to tango....what a deadbeat..no one can keep a mother or father from being in their children's live. it is obvious this man put forth no effort to seek custody of the child or take the mother to court for visitation. when parents love their children so much they will go to the end of the earth to ensure their child is getting all the love in the world..if it cost me a million dollars i would work my finger to the bone to come up with the money to do whatever it takes to be in my childs life...absolutely no excuses!!! he is a deadbeat and it sounds like he still isnt that concerned..i hope the child is safe and taken from both of them.

  • TAKES_TO2_TANGO Mar 1, 2011

    Thankfully none of you have problems daling with "baby Mamma Drama". Men get the short end of the stick when it comes to kids and custody.

    Anyways...with all these ASSUMPTIONS about the dad...why is nobody talking about the FACTS about the person that "lost" the kid????