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Goldsboro playground becomes memorial for slain girl

Posted February 28, 2011

— A playground where a 3-year-old Goldsboro girl was killed Sunday by a stray bullet has turned into a memorial to her by grieving neighborhood parents and children.

People left balloons and stuffed animals at the playground at The Grand at Day Pointe apartment complex, where Princess Shelby King was shot when an argument between two men escalated into gunfire.

Other children and adults on the playground at the time, but no one else was injured, police said.

"It's devastating. A child can't even come to the park," area resident Juanita Faison said Monday. "She was only guilty of making everybody smile. That's all she was ever guilty of."

Princess lived in a nearby apartment with her mother, brother and two sisters.

"She was always smiling. She made other people smile. She loved dancing," said Tisha McLamb, 15, one of her sisters.

Police were searching for Derrick Raymont Best in connection with the shooting. They have issued a warrant for his arrest, charging him with murder.

Princess King memorial Community morns slain Goldsboro toddler

Best, 29, of 1508 Mimosa St. in Goldsboro, has been in and out of prison over the past 12 years for convictions on charges that include possession of a firearm by a felon, assault on  female, resisting an officer, simple assault and drug possession, according to state Department of Correction records.

He was charged with attempted murder in a September 2008 shooting in Goldsboro.

"I think it's really messed up. I don't think they should have been (firing guns), especially not while kids are out and everything," McLamb said.

Anyone with information on Best's whereabouts is asked to call Goldsboro police at 919-580-4212.


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  • familyfour Mar 1, 2011

    It was buck shot with a shot gun.....

    Regardless, people kill. Not weapons. Had he no access to a gun, he could have resulted to any number of things that could have been just as harmful to others in the vicinity.....battery acid, home made bombs, outright assault.....

    Treat criminals for what they are..........this one seemed to be with more that relationship issues.....like anger, drugs, and an array of other problems...

  • aydensmom1106 Mar 1, 2011

    here we go with the gun thing again. If you outlaw guns only outlwas will have guns. It was not the gun that comited the crime, it was the criminal that used the gun that caused the murder. Mybee if they would catch him and publicly execute him for all the criminals to see then we might not have problems like this. Feel so bad for the girls family.

  • Worland Feb 28, 2011

    As a convicted felon, it was illegal for him to have a gun, but it apparently didn't stop him from breaking that law before. Felons won't pass a NICS check at a gun shop or gun show. Probably another felon with a stolen gun.

    The gun wasn't the root cause of this trajedy. The blame falls squarely on him and the justice system who let him go time and time again.

  • wildcat Feb 28, 2011

    Also, guns are just too easily accessible to criminals.


  • wildcat Feb 28, 2011

    make the playground safer while the child still lived?

    No one saw this until after the fact. It took a death for someone to clearly see.

  • webpauls Feb 28, 2011

    If he murdered someone a couple of years ago, why was he out of jail?? Also, guns are just too easily accessible to criminals. So sad. I hope they find him, because there's a special place for him!!

  • emeraldangeleyes Feb 28, 2011

    this sickens me

  • wildcat Feb 28, 2011

    I don't think they should have been (firing guns), especially not while kids

    They should not have been firing a gun in a public area/place in the first place regardless if children was around or not. It could have been a teenager or and adult. Those responsible should be charged. Nice of someone to have the Memorial in the little girls memory.

  • rayh Feb 28, 2011

    he has no regard for life, I hope they keep that in mind when they find him and return the favor

  • ncspamfish Feb 28, 2011

    all those convictions and a charge for attempted murder.......why, why, why does the criminal justice system allow people like this to be out on our streets.

    lock them up and throw away the key!!!