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Durham man convicted in Person home invasion, sex assaults

Posted February 24, 2011

— A Durham man was sentenced Thursday to at least 42 years in prison for breaking into a Timberlake home in September and sexually assaulting two women.

Alfred Douala Mangabell, 29, of 1815 Vale St., was found guilty this week of four counts of first-degree sex offense, three counts of kidnapping, two counts of armed robbery and one county of burglary. Superior Court Judge Wayne Abernathy sentenced him to between 42 years and 52 years, eight months in prison.

Mangabell broke into the Timberlake home on Sept. 5 and demanded money, authorities said. When the two women inside said they had none, he forced them to engage in sex acts while he photographed them.

He told the women he would post explicit pictures of them online if they reported the incident to authorities.

A child inside the home at the time was unharmed, authorities said.

Abernathy ordered that Mangabell, a native of the African nation of Guinea, be deported upon his release from prison because he is a repeat offender.

Mangabell, who also uses the name Alfred Manga Bell, pleaded guilty a year ago to a series of charges in connection with a May 2009 sex assault in Durham County. He was placed on supervised probation for 18 months in that case, court records show.


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  • Bartmeister Feb 24, 2011

    I think if they say 42 years, it ought to mean 42 years. Thats a long time for him. I know he is a repeat and all, but think about it..... 42 years. So back to my point, the sentence should be what it says it is. Over crowding in prisons the reason for early release? Build some more. Not enough jobs in America? Build some prisons and put people back to work. No money to pay for it? Print some more. No land to build on? Tear down a vacant Lowes or Home Depot or a vacant deserted shopping center. What else????? Build prisons to house more prisoners, make the sentence stick, employee prison guards and people to build the prisons, and get rid of the ugly vacated empty buildings in the area. Problem solved. NEXT........................

  • rlee1117 Feb 24, 2011


  • truth9806 Feb 24, 2011

    Why is he in our country?
    deport obama!!!!!

  • Just the facts mam Feb 24, 2011

    42 years - and deported? That means we will probably be reading about him committing more crimes in about 5 years I am guessing.....

  • poorman Feb 24, 2011

    then they should put the judge in with him

  • tritonlm6 Feb 24, 2011

    If you had a choice would you rather be in an American prison or a Guinea prison? I bet the machete is the judge and jury to sex crimes in Guinea.

  • rlg71 Feb 24, 2011

    @ 68 Dodge...it was a Durham Judge that first gave him Probation and didn't put him in Prison for similar crimes.And that is why he was able to commit these.

  • tritonlm6 Feb 24, 2011

    Ahhh.....another fine, upstanding foreign national.

  • 68_dodge_polara Feb 24, 2011

    42 years! That sentience was certainly not handed down buy a Durham County Judge.

  • wildcat Feb 24, 2011

    prison here is like being in hollywood to them.

    Prison is not hollywood. Its the worst place any human being would desire to be. Once out, I don't understand what draws them back. Of course it may be the only life they know where someone is telling them what to do when, and where.