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Woman killed in Interstate 40 wreck

Posted February 23, 2011
Updated March 17, 2011

— A woman was killed and nine people injured in a chain-reaction wreck on Interstate 40 West, near Gorman Street, Wednesday night, Raleigh police said.

Police spokesman Jim Sughrue said that driver Amelia Hernandez-Garcia, 34, got out of a vehicle stopped in the center lane and asked for help from another motorist who had stopped. Shortly after, a chain-reaction wreck involving their vehicles and three others happened.

Hernandez-Garcia was killed, and nine other drivers and passengers suffered non-life-threatening injuries, Sughrue said. The injured were treated at local hospitals.

Sughrue said that it's not clear why Hernandez-Garcia's vehicle was stopped in I-40.

No charges have been filed in the wreck. Police planned to consult with the Wake County District Attorney's Office.

I-40 West was blocked and traffic detoured for nearly four hours after the wreck.


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  • slayerhil Feb 24, 2011

    "People drive slow in the middle lane. MOVE OVER."

    If they're driving at least the speed limit then they should stay in the middle lane. Leave the far right lane for merging traffic and those that have to drive below the speed limit for whatever reason. The passing lane is there for a reason.
    I get tired of drivers that think they have the right to both the left and middle lanes just because they want to drive 10-20mph over the limit.

  • flossie20004746 Feb 24, 2011

    Is it the law to stay put where you have the wreck for the police to figure out what happened? Maybe that's why they didn't move their vehicles. I am not sure of this and feel terrible for the family that lost a loved one. Please advise if I am wrong. Thank You.

  • silverflash Feb 24, 2011

    lineofduty- i would have braced for impact and hit the goose. Seriously. better to hit a small animal than kill yourself or another human.

    Everybody needs to follow the 3 second rule. It is almost impossible as it sits now though as people CONSTANTLY fill in the gap and cause you to tail gate them for a brief time until you can back off a little. Then another cuts in front of you as they see an opening.

    3 second rule needs to be enforced.

  • jsok123 Feb 24, 2011

    Two things. People drive slow in the middle lane. MOVE OVER.
    Also people here drive WAY to aggressively. Take your aggression out in the gym or take up martial arts or something.

  • bombayrunner Feb 24, 2011

    Must have been terrifying, that poor lady.

    Once I was driving fast on the freeway up in NY ... a large Goose was walking across the freeway and was right in the midde of the 3 lanes. Evryone swerving all over .. I was in the middle and zipped right around the thing. whew!

  • timbo10.0 Feb 24, 2011

    "NC GS § 20‑161. Also know as the "Fender Bender Law""

    Which is why charges may be pending.

  • CarolinaGirlRJA Feb 24, 2011

    happyheart -- Do you know if you report a person driving carelessly and recklessly that anything will actually be done about it? I've contimplated it before, but I've always been told that you can report it and the police department will make a note of it, but they won't actually do anything. Please, correct me if I'm wrong because I see that MC all the time after work and she drives through I-40 like she's dodging bullets.

  • Go Figure Feb 24, 2011

    OMG, I have a car just like the one with the front end pushed in.

  • smegma Feb 24, 2011

    i drove by this last night and wondered if the news crew would have been so quick to blast this all over TV if it was their kid or parent

  • doghousebrewery Feb 24, 2011

    Just so you folks know...
    NC GS § 20‑161. Also know as the "Fender Bender Law"