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Documents detail money concerns in Franklin sheriff's office

Posted February 22, 2011

— A Superior Court judge in Franklin County on Tuesday ordered that hundreds of pages of public documents related to a criminal investigation involving the former sheriff be released.

Pat Green, who has not been charged with any crime, resigned last month a day before the State Bureau of Investigation confirmed it was investigating money missing from the sheriff’s office.

Nearly 300 pages of e-mails and financial records dating to 2008 provide details of numerous requests by Green for thousands of dollars for what he said were to be used for undercover drug investigations.

According to the documents, Finance Director Chuck Murray said the sheriff told him that "he was working on a huge federal drug investigation that involved a county commissioner and two senators."

Murray had other concerns. The sheriff's department received money and donations to shop with children at Christmas, but Murray said receipts did not account for all the money they were given.

The county and sheriff’s office became concerned, according to the documents, after a routine audit in which the auditor suggested better documentation be kept to support transfers of funds.

Other documents show that county officials had been concerned about how internal records were being kept and that some staff suspected Green had been taking money since 2008 that he said was being used for a federal investigation.

The documents also say that when confronted about accounting for the money, Green became upset and resigned Jan. 30 before they could complete their audit.

Documents detail money concerns in Franklin sheriff's office Documents detail money concerns in Franklin sheriff's office

Other documents detail a conversation between the former sheriff and the sheriff's office attorney in which Green said there was more than $100,000 missing, that an audit was under way, and that he could not take a polygraph test to help account for it.

Attorneys representing the sheriff’s office, county and state didn’t object to releasing the documents, but Green’s attorney had asked that they not be released.

County commissioners have said that they will not appoint a new sheriff until after the conclusion of the SBI investigation.

Chief Deputy Elliott Pinnell is overseeing operations at the sheriff's office until then.


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  • sugabee852 Feb 25, 2011

    if any of you don't work at the office it's hard to know what exactly goes on.. and the media always puts a spin on everything that happens. many comments that are made are strickly off of speculation or rumors, which is exactly why that town has the surplus of issues that it has.

  • RedneckGirl Feb 25, 2011

    Maybe they should look at how Green's wife mysteriously died to. I did not vote for him, never liked him, just looking at him made me feel uneasy.

  • nanasix Feb 23, 2011

    It appears that certain individuals use very poor judgement, just as Ralph Thomas and his 2nd in Command Frank Galizia and others did when it comes to money and being honest. I just hope they get to the bottom of this quickly and put him away if he's guilty. If it's not done quickly, the Carteret County crew will be out and walking the streets like they did nothing wrong. These individuals make the good LEO's look bad, and this isn't right. As in any business, there are the good, the bad and the indifferent, and then we have the dirty thieves. It appears that neither of our counties had a tight grip on what was happening and required the right paperwork signed by all involved. Perhaps this will change and put it in the position something like this can't happen again.

  • Raggedy Feb 23, 2011

    stopthehaters..how much of that money did Green give you....lol

  • sandygood41 Feb 23, 2011

    mmmm...lets see harry foy drugs....dunston...domestic violence...mmmm...sheriff takeing money....mmmm....yea we need a fed to come in clean house....but one thing i say..jerry jones had nothing to compaair what this mess is...least he was out during night with his men....ralph knott got more out of trouble than jerry......

  • TheDude abides... Feb 23, 2011

    Gotta be a GREEN fan to the end, huh? despicable

  • TheDude abides... Feb 23, 2011

    stopthehaters- Can u think outside of politics for a second? What is BEST for ALL?

    The Dems dont have anyone to put in to cover their REARS for them. Whomever they put up would LOSE and they know it!!!

    Party politics rules over the welfare of the county...and all they can say is...nanana boo-boo?

  • stopthehaters Feb 23, 2011

    why should we pay for a new election when the general elecetion just a cuople of months ago Pat Green ran unopposed the reppblicans couldnt even find a candidate to run
    and for the undercover investigation involving commissioners..hmmm
    lets see franklin county commisioner drug investigation, hmmm none of our commissioners use drugs..well except allegdely Harry Foy, but he did get off thanks to democrat jerry jones..
    last time some of these loud mouths got there buts whipped in a election they ran around downtown cussing there victors out..
    wonder how they will cry this time

  • Raggedy Feb 23, 2011

    According to copies of the paperwork Pinnell countersigned half of the checks...wouldn't he know where the money was going? He was after all...his right hand man...

  • I Change This Name Daily Feb 23, 2011

    there's a new sheriff in town