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Fayetteville tire shop beating leads to hate crime charges

Posted February 17, 2011

— Police have charged two employees of a Fayetteville tire store with ethnic intimidation after a customer said they beat him up when he tried to return a defective tire.

Eddie Willard Jr., 29, and Cody Jackson Razor, 22, both of Candlewood Drive in Fayetteville, also were charged Wednesday with simple assault.

Ronald Parrish told police that he bought a used tire Monday from Skibo Tires, at 2170 Skibo Road, and tried to return it the next day after noticing that it had a cut in it.

"'All I want for you is to replace my tire, and I can go on about my business,'" Parrish said he told the store employee. "He says, 'I'm not honoring your warranty.'"

When Parrish asked to talk with the store manager, several workers began beating and kicking him and using racial slurs, he told investigators.

"I was shocked because I couldn't understand why they had to make a racial incident over doing the right thing – honoring their own warranty," Parrish said Thursday.

He said he had to seek treatment at a hospital on Tuesday and has been bed-ridden at home since then.

"My back is having spasms (one) right behind another," he said.

Skibo Tires Fayetteville tire shop beating leads to hate crime charges

Skibo Tires owner Michael McMillan refuted Parrish's version of the incident, saying it was Parrish who was combative.

"There's a big sign on my desk. There's no warranty on these tires," McMillan said. "He got in front of me, cussing and threatening and beating the side of his truck."

Parrish swung a jack at Willard and Razor, who are McMillan's stepsons, and they were trying to defend themselves, McMillan said.

"Racially motivated? That's nonsense," he said, maintaining that no slurs were used in the exchange. "The only motivation they had was to protect their father."

Willard is listed in court documents as the store manager of Skibo Tires, while Razor is an employee there.


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  • Vietnam Vet Feb 21, 2011

    Seems like the easiest thing to have done was simply give this guy another used tire. Not like used tires are worth much in the first place. Whole thing could have been avoided. And I've never heard of a warranty on a used tire...

  • tritonlm6 Feb 21, 2011

    What a joke. "I'm not honoring your warranty." I doubt the shop owner said that...simply because there is no warranty on used tires. There is no warranty to honor or refuse to honor...because there is no warranty on used tires. Someone here is cryin' wolf. Don't get what you want so play the race card.

  • harleymom96 Feb 18, 2011

    johnnytoon2 - you said "The two assailants are not up-standing citizens, if you check public records." Okay now look up the customer - he is not an up-standing citizen either.
    retiredcfcc - it was a used tire and from the video the cut appears to be about 4 inches long, that tire would have not kept air if that cut was in the tire when they sold it to customer.

  • harleymom96 Feb 18, 2011

    Well, if this is so racial then how come this tire store has been doing business at the same location for the last 15 years. I watched the video and it looks like the tire was cut. I don't think that the employees or owner would let a tire leave its store in that condition. I believe that if the cut was in the tire when they sold it to Mr. Parrish then that tire would not have been able to keep air in it. I can not see any tire store giving a warranty on a used low profile tire to begin with. There is not much tread on those tires to really give a warranty. I believe someone did that to his tire and he wanted it replace for free. If this is such a hate crime how come the other two employees and owner weren't charged with the beating also. That is what he said that 4 employees and owner started beating him. Something doesn't sound quite right here. This business is located right in front of one of a majority black neighborhoods. He is most def playing the race card here.

  • tab580642 Feb 18, 2011

    @ mad_dash, if I got my behind whipped by 4 or 5 people I'd surely want to get paid too. If his injuries are serious enough then he should sue them.....especially if all he tried to do was return a dang bad tire! I don't for minute believe that anybody just started whamming on the guy, but I do believe that it quickly turned into a group beatdown with all the racial slurs that they could conjure. While I don't know if calling someone a racial slur while whooping them justifies the use of Hate Crime charges, but their are a whole lot of laws that I disagree with them but I have to live with them and accept them if I violate them. 2 men should've been able to handle this out of shape man, but the whole staff felt the need to get in on it. LOL!!

  • mad_dash Feb 18, 2011

    Sounds like someone wants to get paid....

  • wakemom Feb 18, 2011

    All the fussing about whites not doing for blacks in retail situations.... turn it around when the clerk is black.. i've had it happen to me.. the black customer gets better and quicker service. Its both ways.. not just whites mistreating blacks.

    i dont expect for anybody to give me anything. i just expect respect when it is due. but i wasnt the one that brought up retail lol

  • seriouslyrevoked Feb 18, 2011

    Hate crimes are anti free speech; used against majority to empower minority by elites to gain electoral power. Civil rights to protect "all" under law is a good thing, to legislate "outcome" is to distort and eventually destroy our Republic. To say so is deemed racist etc so they create "hate" speech to prevent open discussion. We are not allowed to speak the truth about Arab, Black or Hispanic cultures. It is o.k. to demonize Caucasian culture, which was the first culture to end slavery, create rights for all humankind, developed the sciences that has created the medicine, technology, and the modern world. The irony of all ironies is to use the moral laws developed under the West to destroy it. Social justice indeed, it is those who spout these slogans that would take your freedoms away and they most likely will. In 2040 our population will be 50% minority and of coarse the other half of Caucasian will vote with the minorities. Immigration reform anyone?

  • robinson66 Feb 18, 2011

    All the fussing about whites not doing for blacks in retail situations.... turn it around when the clerk is black.. i've had it happen to me.. the black customer gets better and quicker service. Its both ways.. not just whites mistreating blacks.

  • wakemom Feb 18, 2011

    i still cannot believe the fact that i read a comment that stated something of if he is innocent or not he deserved to be beaten bc of what blacks have done in the past. smh!