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Cary redacts bank hostages' names in report

Posted February 17, 2011

— The identities of several people held hostage in a Cary bank standoff last week were redacted from a police report that was released to the media Thursday.

Cary officials said they blacked out the names and addresses of victims in the public-record portion of the Feb. 10 incident report at the direction of the Wake County District Attorney's Office because of ongoing investigations.

The three-hour standoff last Thursday at a Wachovia Bank on Green Level Church Road ended when authorities shot and killed 19-year-old Devon Mitchell as he emerged from the bank holding what appeared to be a gun to the head of a woman.

Police now say he did not have a weapon.

The report lists several items seized as part of the investigation, including a book bag, books, money, tennis shoes and a document with writing. It does not elaborate.

Mitchell had as many as seven hostages – four women and three men – during the standoff, during which he told employees and a hostage negotiator that he was armed, Cary Police Chief Pat Bazemore said Saturday.

"Why Devon set this all in motion, why he wanted us all to believe that he had a weapon and that he was prepared to kill with it are questions that we will never have the answers to,” she said. “But it’s clear that's what Devon wanted us to believe.”

Four Cary police officers and a Wake County sheriff’s deputy all fired at Mitchell, but Bazemore has not said how many times he was shot.

The officers are on administrative duty, which is standard whenever an officer discharges a weapon.

Friends of Mitchell have questioned the use of force in the case, but Bazemore has said the officers did as they were trained and were expected to do under the circumstances.


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  • nanasix Feb 18, 2011

    I have trouble understanding why over a three hour period, that no one took action in the situation. Surely there was something, someone could have done to stop this young man, and perhaps saved his life. I'm a 72 yr old g/mother, and you can bet I've have done something to bring it to a halt.

  • shortcake53 Feb 18, 2011

    I dont need names, I just send all my good thoughts and prayers to the hostages for the best possible recovery from this ordeal.

  • jodip2000 Feb 18, 2011

    I think that we're all trying to wrap our minds around what could have caused this and what could or couldn't have been done to avoid this.

    No one really wins in this situation

  • bluered5858 Feb 17, 2011

    its the people in the community that causes the problems I dont care what color you are,and the section 8 housing areas is where it is the worse,why is that.

  • garnetqueen Feb 17, 2011

    @tdwilliams772, you know maybe they need to fall on hard times, then maybe it would humble them, and give them a different look on life, and stop judging others. This was a very sad situation for all involved. Instead of judging this young man and his situation we should seek understanding this was a cry drastic cry for help. My sincere prayers go out to this young mans family, because now you have parents who have to bury their son, that has to be one of the most painful thing in the world. People be mindful what you write, this man had a family and you don't know who might be reading what you are writing. Yes you are entitled to your opinions, but put yourself in this situation how would you feel.

  • garnetqueen Feb 17, 2011


  • westernwake1 Feb 17, 2011

    @JarOfHearts "Just because "The Grove" is approved for Section 8 does not mean there are not hard working families living there who do not participate in assistance... just a thought!"

    This is true. There are many hard-working families trying to do their best living at the Grove both on & off section 8 assistance. The trouble is caused by a minority of the people living in the complex. It is unfair to paint everyone living in the Grove with the same brush when describing the situation.

    Cleaning up the crime problems associated with the complex would help all of these honest folks living there also. I would expect that the people who do not cause problems would welcome an increased police presence to eliminate the drug dealing and crime. I will also note that some of the biggest local critics of the complex are people who lived there and left -- many lived in fear of complaining during their leases there.

    Certainly as a community we can do better!

  • tdwilliams772 Feb 17, 2011

    (continued from earlier post)

    I must have ran out of room writing my ealier post. I hope people dont think they are invincible and they wont hit a hard time or ever hit rock bottom. Because it can happen to anyone. I pray for the ignorance in this world.

  • JarOfHearts Feb 17, 2011

    Just because "The Grove" is approved for Section 8 does not mean there are not hard working families living there who do not participate in assistance... just a thought!

  • tdwilliams772 Feb 17, 2011

    I am soo confused. What does someones Race or financial status have to do with this story?? A person did something wrong and he was killed over it. I have read through the comments in 2 of the first 3 stories posted here on here, which include two women being killed. One being murdered and the other being killed by a drunk driver. I didnt see anyones race or finacial status being brought up in those stories. But for some reason this story has more section 8 and race comments. People of every race and every color do bad things. We may live in the Land of the Free, and home of the brave. But it sure as heck not a world where there is no racism. People claim they are not racist and racism is dead. Wake up people because its not!!! I myself and have never been on section 8 and I hope I never have to be. I hope none of you have financial problems and it puts you in a place that you have to need assistance. Then you will know what it feels like to be labeled as scum. Dont ever think that