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Customers curious over Siler City license plate office closure

Posted February 15, 2011

— The sudden closure of the license plate agency in Siler City has left customers in the area curious. 

“I’m totally surprised,” customer Ella Taylor said Tuesday. 

Taylor said she has been coming to the office for years and couldn’t believe when she heard this week that the state Division of Motor Vehicles had closed the office saying the operator might have violated state laws.

The agency, at 1205 N. 2nd Ave., has operated for more than 20 years under a state contract with Margaret S. Tarkenton, officials said.

The DMV’s License and Theft Bureau found during an investigation that the agency has failed to perform its obligations under the contract, that the contractor is ineligible to handle DMV property and funds and that the agency has shown repeated disregard for standard operating procedures. 

DMV representatives are conducting an inventory audit of the agency and removing state equipment and supplies, officials said, noting that the investigation isn't complete.

A sign hanging on the door of the office on Tuesday stated the agency was closed “indefinitely.” 

“This is just a license plate agency,” customer Ted Cannaday said. “What can be going on here?”

The DMV said it doesn’t know if criminal activity was involved. A DMV spokeswoman said it’s too early to tell if or how customers who did business there might be affected.

“I’m curious to see what’s happening. I guess, if they are investigating something, we’ll see what happens,” Cannaday said.

Customers are being asked to drive to other locations. 

License plate agencies offer vehicle registration services and title transactions, as well as vehicle license plate renewals, replacement tags and duplicate registrations. About 120 license plate agencies operate across North Carolina.

The closest license plate agencies to Siler City are at 338 S. Fayetteville St. in Asheboro (336-629-9623) and 331 Wilson Road in Sanford (919-774-6027).

Orange and Chatham County District Attorney Jim Woodall confirmed that he has spoken with DMV investigators and said the investigation is ongoing.

Tarkenton declined to comment on Tuesday, saying she needed to speak with her attorney first.


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  • rn4babez Feb 18, 2011

    Unless you know what has happened first hand, keep your "blame" to yourselves. It's bad enough that uninvolved persons are making assumptions and speculating about something you obviously know nothing about; you could at least get your spelling and grammar correct when speaking in a public forum.

  • stephrn Feb 18, 2011

    For anyone who knows the Tarkenton family and/or has been a customer of the Siler City office for the last 20 years, it goes without saying that there has been absolutely NO criminal activity, NO laundering, NO deliberate misconduct! Until the "investigation" is complete, please respect our community and refrain from further speculation.

  • wildcat Feb 16, 2011


  • wildcat Feb 16, 2011

    i blame obamacare

    No blame Tarkenton. She was running the business.

  • wildcat Feb 16, 2011

    too early to tell if or how customers who did business there might be affected.

    Of course it will have a major affect on the people of Siler City. Thats where we have went for many many years. Seems like there will be criminal charges forth coming. Why else would they close? Well, I guess Siler City folks can drive to Asheboro for their business.

  • 6079 SMITH W Feb 16, 2011

    Yeah, me too......why not? It's all the rage these days. (staircase awareness...guilt don't stick) ;)

  • I Change This Name Daily Feb 16, 2011

    i blame obamacare

  • EverythingTicksMeOff Feb 16, 2011

    Not sure why this is news. There's a lot of things I'm curious about but they don't make the headlines.

  • Groovy Feb 16, 2011

    Right superman. It's the place where you get tags, not driver's license!

  • superman Feb 16, 2011

    A license plate agency does not issue a drivers license. How did you people jump from a license tag renewal agency to a drivers license agency?