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Wake Tech warns of man soliciting women on campus

Posted February 15, 2011

— Wake Technical Community College warned students Tuesday that a man has been soliciting female students for sex.

Two women informed campus security that an unidentified man approached them in the parking lot of Wake Tech's main campus on U.S. Highway 401 south of Raleigh in recent days and offered them large sums of money to perform sex acts. The man told the women that the request is part of a fraternity pledge, college officials said.

"We think that's just what he's using as a guise to talk to the females," said Steve Gregory, director of security at Wake Tech. 

In 2009, a woman reported being approached in a similar way on the campus by a man fitting the same description. All three cases are believed to be linked, Gregory said.

The man is white, in his 20s, and drives a black GMC or Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, according to a description given to the Wake County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office has been notified of the incidents, but deputies haven't been able to determine if any crime has occurred, college officials said.

"There was no indication of any violence," said Gregory. "It was just discussion. The person was trying to coax the females into the vehicle with him."

wake tech Man solicits women for sex in Wake Tech parking lot

Wake Tech officials sent an email to 50,000 students Monday warning that the incidents are potentially dangerous and urging women to call 911 if they are approached. Anyone with more information about previous incidents is asked to contact campus security.

The campus has 24-hour security and recently added extra lights in the parking lot. There are surveillance cameras installed inside campus buildings and on some building exteriors, but there are none in the parking lot. Several emergency call boxes are in the lot and around campus, but school officials said student should be aware of their surrounding and report any suspicious activity.

Student Mia Hardy said she feels safe on campus.

"I see them every now and then driving around in the security car," she said.


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  • aimcclure Feb 16, 2011

    Way to blame the victim engineering89. Really sympathetic.

  • engineering89 Feb 16, 2011

    I go to waketech, and as much as this nerves me, why didnt they turn around and get the lisence plate number... wouldnt that have made more sense? i think so! really? 3 women get asked this and they just think its smart to tell the police without hardly any description? theres ALOT of vehicles like that on campus.. and i saw atleast 5 or 6 on campus alone today.. apparantly sercurtiy isnt doin their job... like normal

  • Timetogo Feb 16, 2011

    hereandnow99, I think you're plug for prostitution is mute. There are so many out there willing to dish it out for free, the working girls will soon be out of business.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Feb 16, 2011

    NC Reader, thanks. I can understand your threatening point.

    My second comment about "why do some people care what consenting adults do?" was about prostitution in general. It's meant to make the so-called "less government" folks think about all of laws restricting personal freedom that they like to pass at every turn. :-)

  • NC Reader Feb 16, 2011

    "If this was Nevada, it would be a non-issue. Why are some people so uptight about what other, consenting adults, do with their bodies?"

    The point is that these women are very reasonably feeling threatened by a man who's approaching them soliciting sex. They are not consenting to anything and haven't even put themselves in a position to look like they're interested. They are just walking to and from class. Any man who does not think he looks like a threat by acting this way is delusional. I hope someone unleashes some pepper spray on him.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Feb 16, 2011

    If he made adult films as a business, wouldn't this legal? Or, can we just sell adult films in NC and not make them here? LOL

    If this was Nevada, it would be a non-issue. Why are some people so uptight about what other, consenting adults, do with their bodies?

  • saphiresage1985 Feb 16, 2011

    I would be shocked if the characterization of Wake Techs Security in this article is accurate. I go to Fayetteville Tech and it's THE safest, most secure place in all of Fayetteville. Security cameras everywhere, and you hardly go fifteen minutes without seeing one of the security staff. They conduct random ID checks, and take the safety and security of Faculty and Students very seriously. I am hard pressed to believe that Wake Tech is any different.

  • Timetogo Feb 16, 2011

    "offered them large sums of money to perform sex acts." BUT "deputies haven't been able to determine if any crime has occurred" Then how can vice arrest men for the same thing?

  • NCSU PHD Feb 15, 2011

    Campus Security? Or is that not part of the tuition fees?

  • needmocash Feb 15, 2011

    Evidently the guy is trying to play the women cheap and they are turning him in. Up the ante by $200 and watch the complaints to security go to zero.