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More charges filed against accused Greyhound bus hijacker

Posted February 7, 2011

— A Virginia man charged in the hijacking of a Greyhound bus along Interstate 85 late Thursday is being held under a $30 million bond, authorities said Monday.

Authorities added 29 counts of kidnapping against Jose Flores, 32, of Arlington, Va. He was initially charged Friday with one count of kidnapping.

Flores is being held in the Warren County Detention Center pending a Feb. 16 arraignment.

Passengers on the Greyhound bus from Richmond, Va., to Raleigh said Flores was on the bus since it left Virginia. Shortly after the bus crossed into North Carolina on I-85, they said, he pulled out a gun and implied that he had a bomb.

The bus driver pulled off the highway, and most of the passengers scrambled out of the emergency exit at the back of the bus, authorities said.

A passing driver noticed the situation, called 911 and followed the bus until authorities could catch up to it. When the bus stopped at a gas station in Henderson, Vance County deputies and other law enforcement officers surrounded it.

The driver and the two passengers still on the bus got away safely, and authorities used a stun gun on Flores before taking him into custody.

No one else was injured, and a search turned up no explosives on the bus, authorities said.


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  • manuelyerica Feb 8, 2011

    RACISTS, RACISTS!!! Who cares if he is legal or illegal what he did was wrong. The only reason most of you are getting all upset is because he is Hispanic! If he was a Black man you would be saying "Of course he did it he's Black.", since he's Hispanic "Of course he did it because he is Hispanic." But if he was White then you would be saying "Oh poor thing, he had mental problems and just needs some help." He did what he did and needs to be punished and WHO CARES WHERE HE CAME FROM OR WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE!! grow up people

    another thing if it wasn't for the "illegals" most of you wouldn't have anything to eat,or wouldn't have a house, or a lot of other things...so stop complaining that they just take away from this country because they don't they add more to it

  • tritonlm6 Feb 8, 2011

    Why do the keep calling him "a Virginian man"? This weeks paycheck says he's an I.A.

  • ncguy Feb 8, 2011

    Cat man.

    You ultra liberals kill me.

    want to bet me a weeks salary on his legal status?

    I bet not because you know deep down he is an illegal and when it has no affect on your life you can think what you want.

  • Nancy Feb 7, 2011

    Still no news on his immigration status? First story brought that up, that it was being looked into, no follow up?

  • ditch the donkeys Feb 7, 2011

    The scary part is that he actually got on the bus and he could have had a bomb! This gives credence to the people that point out how porous our borders are to anybody who wants to hurt us be it from Mexico, Afghanistan or anywhere else.

  • justabumer Feb 7, 2011

    "Take me to your courthouse." Wow.

  • edbuck51 Feb 7, 2011

    he wanted a ride back home

  • garnergrad93 Feb 7, 2011

    what abiut charging him with a terrorist threat??? he said he had a bomb or some sort of explosive device. thats enought for me to convict him anyway. note to pat7...there is no such thing as "hard time" anymore. people go to jail now to get out of doing hard work. Ex: weight lifting, planting a garden, getting an education...thats not prison by no means. he was caught red-handed. hang him and get it over with!! oh thats right, we dont do that anymore either!!

  • pat7 Feb 7, 2011

    If you sent him back he will just come back.Lock him up here and make him do hard time. We caught him red handed why waste money on a trial,Oh he might do I was abuse child Thing and try to get out of his charges .DO WE KNOW IF HES A US CITIZEN

  • ginaosbo Feb 7, 2011

    "He's just here, doing the jobs we Americans won't do for ourselves"
    I believe that is a direct quote from a Leftista!