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Missing Franklin County money was for undercover work

Posted February 4, 2011

— An undisclosed amount of money missing from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office was from a county fund earmarked for undercover police work, an attorney for the sheriff's office said Friday.

Franklin County Sheriff Pat Green resigned Sunday, one day before the State Bureau of Investigation announced a criminal probe into the missing funds.

Boyd Sturges, a lawyer for the sheriff's office, worked with Green last weekend to draft a letter announcing the resignation. During the process, Sturges noticed Green wasn't himself. 

"I thought he was very depressed. He was very emotional in ways that he was just very nervous," Sturges said. 

Sturges suggested Green check himself into Holly Hill Hospital in Raleigh. 

"I was concerned enough as his friend that I thought that he needed to get some help," Sturges said.

Sturges said he feared Green might harm himself. 

Following his friend's advice, Green checked himself into the hospital for treatment of severe depression last weekend. 

Franklin County Sheriff's Office cruiser Former Franklin County sheriff seeks help

Sturges said Green has been noticeably upset since his wife unexpectedly died of a blood clot in 2008, though he said Green did remarry a few months ago.

It was unclear Friday whether Green remains at Holly Hill.

Green has hired an attorney, who had no comment about the investigation.

Sidney Dunston, chairman of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, said that Chief Deputy Elliott Pinnell will take over sheriff duties until the SBI investigation is resolved.

It wasn't clear how long the investigation would last.

Sam Currin, the county's district attorney, asked for the investigation. Agents from elsewhere in the state might need to be brought in to handle the investigation because Green had a close relationship with area SBI agents, officials said.

No details of the investigation, such as how much money was missing and how long it had been gone, have been released.

Currin said the missing money was revealed during a routine audit, which has been going on for weeks.


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  • TheDude abides... Feb 4, 2011

    You people are delusional.

    I dont want it to be true AT ALL either, but jeez people. IF HE IS GUILTY (just the released evidence is stronger than in the Brad Cooper case)I hope each of you comes back on here and admits that you were wrong.

    1. Sheriff hires two criminal lawyers on Saturday (See attny John Williamson's interview on another station)

    2. Sheriff resigns for "health and personal reasons" on Sunday

    3. Audit findings are released on Monday and a criminal investigation is called for by County Attorney Darnell Batton (not on wral, but on all other stations)

  • MrPearce Feb 4, 2011

    I am a registered Repub in Franklin County, but I like this fellow from what I know of him. He is the ONLY democrat I have voted for since being here 10 years.

    I have to think that he is more than likely innocent of the embezzlement itself (if that is found to be the case), but probably resigned over depression of that kind of thing happening at his office.

    It's like the "Captain of the Ship". The captain is responsible for the actions of his crew at a given level.

    But yes, it is interesting that WRAL never mentions party unless its a republican drawing the publics' ire.

  • meBNme Feb 4, 2011

    Or is it possible folks.... is it possible that MAYBE he actually is an honorable man, who truely did his best, and is depressed because investigation into legitimate undercover work could potentially cause danger to good cops, blow good cases, and he could have a good record tarnished as a result of trying to protect good cops on legitimate undercover work???

    You are so eager to jump on the "dirty cop bandwagon" of assumption, will you even CONSIDER the possibility that the opposite could also be true?

    You have no facts, yet you declare him guilty and dirty anyway.

    What's that say about you?

  • thinkb4uspeakplz Feb 4, 2011

    Is he depressed because he is truly depressed, is he depressed because he may be getting caught or is he hiding out at Holly Hill because the authorities cant easily talk to him while he is there....hmmmmmm???

  • gagal Feb 4, 2011

    undercover police work. In other words in under someones covers and will not be found. So the people of Franklin county are paying for one of the sheriff depts mistakes AGAIN.