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Baby found in Hoke meth lab recovering

Posted February 4, 2011

— A 4-month-old baby that Hoke County deputies found when they raided a suspected methamphetamine lab is recovering from chemical burns, authorities said Friday.

The boy suffered second- and third-degree burns on his chest and under his arms, Hoke County Sheriff Hubert Peterkin said. He was in good condition at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in Fayetteville.

"If we'd waited a few days longer, who knows? With the injuries on him, there's no telling what would have happened," Peterkin said.

Six people were arrested Thursday when deputies broke up the drug lab in a mobile home at 165 Water Splash Road, off U.S. Highway 401 east of Raeford.

Samuel Junior Weatherford, 46, and Michelle Lynn Tiller, 42, both of 165 Water Splash Road, were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and maintaining a dwelling for controlled substances.

Four other people were arrested at the nearby Old Raeford Inn in the case. Ashley April Anne Goins, 20, of Red Springs, Doris Chrinette Myers, 56, of Raeford, and Larry Andre Wiggins, 59, of Raeford, were each charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Billy Ray Cummings, 26, of Raeford, was charged with possession of marijuana.

Michelle Tiller, Hoke meth lab Woman charged in meth bust was baby's grandmother

Tiller was the baby's grandmother, Peterkin said. The child's father is in jail in Summerville, S.C., and authorities don't know where the mother is, he said.

"We are making some progress in maybe locating her," he said.

Tiller also has been charged with child abuse.

"You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that this kid had to be at the doctor's office," the sheriff said. "We can endure pain a little bit more at our age, as an adult or even a teenager, but when you got an infant who can't tell you where they're hurting, they can't tell you when it hurts, that's bad."

The baby has been placed in the custody of the Department of Social Services, and Peterkin said he has already received several calls from people wanting to adopt the child.

"We know there are people that would be proud to have a son and raise this child, give him a life," he said.


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  • christinebbd Feb 7, 2011

    He'll have severe scarring on his body from the third degree burns. Poor little guy didn't deserve this kind of start on life. The mother AND FATHER both need to be sterilized.

  • MamaBearNC Feb 4, 2011

    unbelievable...poor child!

  • Healthy Skeptic Feb 4, 2011

    Second and third degree burns are not funny! It's not a sunburn-type burn. These people are beyond words that they would not take a baby with third-degree burns to the hospital. Usually the skin has sloughed-off with those and it is oozing blood, even. I cannot imagine this child's pain. Hopefully there will be no infections and he'll heal quickly.

  • computer trainer Feb 4, 2011

    I would love to bring that little guy home and love and nurture him. It is a shame that people would do this to a child.

    I am a grandmother and I would never hurt my grandson.

  • rlee1117 Feb 4, 2011

    Looks like grandma and daughter lives the same style of life not caring for their young!! I say throw the book at them both and I mean the whole darn library! It's time we meaning us need to make some hard examples of these women and men that keep mistreating these kids! It must come to a very fast end and the sooner the better! It's time that our judges stop slapping grown ups hands and take real actions in our courts to protect these kids!! I will be praying this child will recover very soon and hope one day will not be like it's parents!

  • packersfan4life Feb 4, 2011

    How heartbreaking!! How can people be so cruel? May God watch over this little one.

  • granny1957 Feb 4, 2011

    The child needs to be protected forever. It seems that no one in the family will be able to take care of him. This poor baby does not deserve this kind of life. I hope he is adopted by some good Christian people that will love him and never put him into danger.

  • armywife320 Feb 4, 2011

    This poor child. I am hoping this sorry excuse for a grandmother is held responsible to the full extent of the law. I wonder how she would like it to receive the same treatment without any medical care? Wishing this child a speedy recovery and hopefully a better outlook on life with a family who can show him and love him much more then this woman ever would.

  • statelady Feb 4, 2011

    How in the world could a grandmother not care anymore than that about that little baby. Of course when you are hooked on drugs-which she probably was-all you care about is the next fix. God bless that precious child. I hope he can be adopted by a loving family. As for finding the mom, it's obvious she probably doesn't give a rat's &*^( about that baby. Maybe she does I'm just saying,,,,

  • Fireflies Rock Feb 4, 2011

    This is so sad...how can any human being watch an infant suffer with 2nd & 3rd degree burns and not rush him to the hospital immediately? Beyond belief cruel; what a disgusting excuse for a grandmother. No doubt she was just as "wonderful" as a mother.