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Wake County man charged in wife's death

Posted February 2, 2011

— A Wake County man has been charged in the shooting death of the his wife, authorities said Wednesday. 

F. John Evans, 67, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Donna Scheulen Evans, 53, who was shot at 4224 Brook Cross Drive, near Apex, on Jan. 16.

John Evans was shot in the stomach. He was arrested Wednesday after his release from WakeMed Hospital. 

In a 911 call, a distraught woman told emergency dispatchers that she was in the shower upstairs at the home when she heard John Evans screaming for help.

"He said she shot him," said the caller, whose name was not released.

The caller told dispatchers that the gun was on the floor next to Donna Evans, who was lying on her stomach in the bedroom with blood on her back.

John Evans could be heard yelling for help in the background during the call.


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  • autogirl1 Feb 3, 2011

    We need to pull together as a community and watch out for our friends and neighbors, if we suspect mental illness then offer help or if it has turned to abuse report it.
    Offer help don't wait until it's too late!

  • Mimi_Harley_Goddess Feb 3, 2011

    You are entitled to your speculation. Friends have been trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together but all the pieces are not available. We will just pray for the families involved.

  • wewoods Feb 3, 2011

    No offense intended with my speculation but that is exactly what shoddy reporting does, it makes people speculate and form their own opinions. Unfortunately the First Amendment has given the press probably more power in this country than our government. Maybe its time to amend the amendment...

  • Mimi_Harley_Goddess Feb 3, 2011

    Amen HK!

  • hk Feb 3, 2011

    we r dealing with a death in our community. this 1 hits close 2 home because they were friends of mine. there was no affair. just a man who lost himself just a few years ago after a horrible accident that he wasn't suppose 2 have survived from. his wife nursed him back 2 health, but he was never the same since. no one will really know what happened. but know that both families are hurting and need prayer right now, not gossip. its fine 2 have ur own opinion, but sometimes its best 2 keep that opinion 2 ur self. what if the tables were turned and it was ur family? u don't know the story or the people involved. i pray 4 u as i pray 4 them.

  • gingerlynn Feb 3, 2011

    ladybug -
    she doesnt want to be identified because her husband will find out! lol

  • wewoods Feb 3, 2011

    Hmmm...OK, I'm going to speculate...

    Wife comes home and discovers husband just "finished" having affair (woman in shower?) gets crazy mad (understandable), gets gun starts shooting, husband takes one in the gut, wrestles gun from wife, she tries to flee and takes one in the back.

    Sad story any way you look at it though...someone died.

    But I commend the Investigators not to speculate to the press (like I have) and release a story that is yet to be proven.

  • taxpayer8 Feb 3, 2011

    Yes, this story raised more questions than it answered. It would be helpful if the reporter could state that there were no more facts available at the time. Absent that, the reader is left with the feeling that it's a poorly-researched story.

    As for the arrest -- contrary to those who always see the shooter on the grassy knoll, the police do not routinely arrest without some substantiation. If the "self-inflicted" wound was inconsistent with self-infliction, e.g. entered the middle of the back, lacked powder burns, etc. AND the surviving victim CLAIMS the dead victim shot herself, that is more than enough for an arrest.

  • Ladybug Feb 2, 2011

    Who was the other woman, and what was she doing in the shower. Why does she not want to be identified? Strsnge story and not reported well at all.

  • jkrmeme Feb 2, 2011

    To RM24:
    the N & O says: But the results of an autopsy on Donna Evans were inconsistent with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to investigators.