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SBI investigating Franklin County Sheriff's Office

Posted January 31, 2011

— One day after Franklin County Sheriff Pat Green resigned, state officials said Monday that the State Bureau of Investigation is investigating missing money in the sheriff's office.

Franklin County District Attorney Sam Currin asked for the SBI investigation, said Noelle Talley, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Justice. Agents from elsewhere in the state might need to be brought in to handle the investigation because Green had a close relationship with area SBI agents, officials said.

No details of the investigation, such as how much money was missing and how long it had been gone, were immediately available.

"The first time I heard about the money was this weekend. That was the first that any kind of money had been discussed," said Boyd Sturges, a lawyer for the sheriff's office.

Currin said the missing money was revealed during a routine audit, which has been going on for weeks. Sturges expressed surprise that he wasn't informed of the audit earlier.

"Obviously, when mentions of malfeasance of money comes up, you'd like to know when that would occur," he said.

County Manager Angela Harris and County Attorney Darnell Batton declined to comment on the audit or Green's resignation.

Franklin County Sheriff's Office cruiser SBI investigating Franklin County Sheriff's Office

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners was expected to discuss the situation at a Monday night meeting.

Green submitted his resignation on Sunday, citing "major health and personal matters."

Louisburg residents said Monday that they wondered if the "personal matters" were related to the missing money.

"When you see government officials and people like that resigning, normally when they do, it's some kind of scandal they're trying to avoid," said Carlos Alston, a local barber. "It's sort of like a red flag, sort of makes you wonder, you know? The election hadn't been that long ago."

Green was elected in November to a second term as sheriff. He worked with the department for more than 20 years.

Chief Deputy Elliott Pinnell will oversee the sheriff's office while the county Board of Commissioners searches for someone to serve the remainder of his term. Commissioners said Monday that they would not appoint a new sheriff until after the conclusion of the SBI investigation.


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  • justaconservativeguy Feb 1, 2011


    You hit the nail on the head.

  • crazywhiteboy496 Feb 1, 2011

    Good ol boys have nothing to do with it at all so why bring them up

  • fish239 Jan 31, 2011

    A Sheriff should be like all the rest of us, guilty until acquitted. The American Way!!

  • RedneckGirl Jan 31, 2011

    I hope the SBI comes in and takes out the whole good ol boy network in Franklin County.

  • Keepin_it_real_in_NC Jan 31, 2011

    The propaganda arm of the DNC, aka WRAL, makes us play "Guess the Party" game. Remember the rules. If it is bad and he is a Republican, WRAL will mention it in the first paragraph. If it is good and he is a Democrat, WRAL will mention it in the first paragraph. The DNC shills, umm, I mean WRAL will always follow these two rules.

  • lovemy3kids1990 Jan 31, 2011

    I agree ajoy27549. I think we need to wait and see how this turns out before casting judgement. He is a good man. His kids are suffering I'm sure and these comments do not help anyone or anything.

  • ccs1920 Jan 31, 2011

    hattieb2001/ Nothing in your comment is correct. Check it out.

  • airbornemonty Jan 31, 2011

    I found it odd after reading the article this morning that a supposedly outstanding sheriff would suddenly quite his job.

    Normally these good ol' boys stay at a job until death they do part so stepping down so suddenly, I just had the feeling that something unbecoming an officer of the law had occurred.

    Of course he will have his supporters especially if they received something at one time or another. As for me, I'm a skeptic and think you're guilty until proven innocent and so it goes.

  • beckerunc Jan 31, 2011

    Sam Currin ?????

  • hellorhighwaters Jan 31, 2011

    Seems like he may have gotten caught up into something. And decided to get out (with his pension)before they put him out (and lose his pension). Every state and county employee knows that trick. If you did something wrong or even knew of wrong doings going on...then you just might get caught up in it, and be out of a job in the end. Leave now with some form of dignity (and your benefits in tack).