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Couple seen arguing before woman's disappearance

Posted January 24, 2011

— A 22-year-old woman found dead inside a Tarboro home last week was seen arguing with her boyfriend the day before she was reported missing, according to a man who says he saw the confrontation.

Ashley Robinson is an active member of the church next door to the house Aimee Lynn Pitt shared with her boyfriend, Ben Harrelson, at 1209 Newsome St.

“Him and her were under the car port arguing when we came out of church that Sunday night,” Robinson said Monday. “They were just going at it, and it was heated.”

Tarboro police found Pitt’s body at the home last Wednesday. Her father reported her missing Jan. 3.

According to search warrants, investigators interviewed Harrelson twice after Pitt disappeared. He told them that he last saw her on Dec. 30 after the two had a fight.

Harrelson told police that he went to bed, but Pitt stayed up, and she wasn't at home when he woke up the next morning.

Investigators searched the couple’s home at least once before discovering Pitt. It still isn’t exactly clear where she was found or how she died.

“It’s kind of a big shock,” said Robinson, who said he had gotten to know Pitt and her boyfriend from his work at the church. “I would hate to think she was in the house the whole time.”

Police haven’t filed charges in the case, and on Monday, they issued a statement saying "no further investigative details are being released in order to protect the integrity of further investigation."

They are also being very guarded about where Harrelson is. According to search warrants, he was hospitalized after a high-speed wreck in Halifax County on Jan. 8, the day after his second interview with police.

Investigators seized several items from the couple’s home, including two handwritten notes, a closet rod and two red stains from the kitchen floor, according to search warrants.


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  • JAT Jan 25, 2011

    The first reports were that they hadn't searched the house because they didn't submit the search warrant. Don't know but there's something odd about this one. I think, if I were the dad, I would have gone over there and done my own search, even if it meant breaking in.

  • jurydoc Jan 25, 2011

    JAT -- from the article. "Investigators searched the couple’s home at least once before discovering Pitt." Sometimes dead bodies are well hidden or get moved. Just last week they reported a search warrant for a minivan in this case. Maybe her body was in the van for awhile and returned to the house after the initial search. We'll have to wait for the full story.

  • 4DukeTillDeath Jan 25, 2011

    They did search the house. Evidently they didn't check closets.

  • GOPACK80 Jan 25, 2011


  • JAT Jan 25, 2011

    I just don't understand why they didn't search his/her house after her dad reported her missing. That's just basic law enforcement.

  • 4DukeTillDeath Jan 25, 2011

    He's out of the hospital and currently is not charged with anything.

  • GOPACK80 Jan 25, 2011


    The local Tarboro media is reporting a different slant.
    Sounds like she was likely killed 12/30 and he wanted to dispose of the body at the private farm land of his friend.

    So, is Ben Harrelson still in the hospital? Or, perhaps he is in a psych lock down on suicide watch?

  • shortcake53 Jan 24, 2011

    I hope her family gets answers very soon.

  • bmg379 Jan 24, 2011

    whats up with people?

  • the people Jan 24, 2011

    2-weeks or less case will be solved!!!!!!!!!!