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Fayetteville woman, children held hostage during home robbery

Posted January 24, 2011

— Lukilla Smith was returning from work just after 11 p.m. on Saturday when a masked man with a gun approached her outside the door of her home on Tuckertown Lane in Fayetteville.

Smith’s older son dialed 911 when he heard his mother scream.

“She’s been robbed,” the boy told the dispatcher.

Smith said the man forced her inside, where he used duct tape to detain her and her 13-year-old and 7-year-old sons.

“They duct taped our hands and our feet, then tried to take electronics out of the house,” Smith said.

Smith said a second man came into the hous,e and the two took a laptop, television and video game system.

“It all happened so fast. The lady – the officer – was standing over me before you know it,” Smith said.

When officers arrived, the two men sped off in a gold Nissan Maxima. The car soon crashed, and then men ran away. All of the stolen property was recovered.

The men remain at-large.

Smith said she plans to move. 

Suspects sought in Fayetteville home robbery Suspects sought in Fayetteville home robbery

Officers said the experience is an alarming reminder to be on guard.

“Be aware of your surroundings. If you see anything suspicious, call 911,” Fayetteville Police Sgt. John Somerindyke said.


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  • erderr4533 Jan 25, 2011

    oh god...why is it everyone says 'i blame the parents'.......thats this country's problem nowadays, everybody wants to blame everybody EXCEPT the culprits---do you realize how weird and completely senseless that is???? blame the robbers! they are ADULTS and capable of THEIR OWN CHOICES if somebody comes up and robs me, i'm not gonna say 'their parents must've sucked at parenting so it's their fault' NO...i'm gonna blame the people who robbed me

  • FromClayton Jan 25, 2011

    so the car crashed and the bad guys got away on foot? and all the police can say is "be on guard" how about if the police get the bad guys. I usually dont bash the police, but why didnt the catch the bad guys? The police were RIGHT THERE! I need to believe the police catch bad guys. I NEED to belive that.

  • bear2010 Jan 25, 2011

    I blamed this on the parents and society in north carolina. This is not the first time we're hearing about this. I lived here for three years now and I'm always hearing about the classes robbing and stealing from each other."I don't have so I need drugs or something so I need to go to my neighbor who don't have much or worked real hard to get and provide for their families." Yes there are break-ins where i come from too, but the hood looksout for themselves as a community. Parent should get off their cell phones and go talk to their councilman to create opportunities and programs for kids growing up on the wrong side. Bad influences only create other bad influence. Most youths see these bad influences as glamorous. Next thing you know their robbing you because they missed out on a shot in life.
    Some people may see it to exterminate them..but they have to think that it could be their kids they're exterminating.........


  • gcaulberg Jan 24, 2011

    What a smart quick thinking young man. He did not wait to find out what was happening. He heard his mother scream and he called 911. Without his quick actions things could have been a lot worse. My best wishes to the young man for taking care of his family.

  • granny1957 Jan 24, 2011

    You cannot blame most parents for the way kids act. We all have to be on guard all of the time. When out at night use your cell phone to call and let someone know when you are getting out of your car. Don't take chances.

  • leroyw93 Jan 24, 2011

    I'm glad the family survived this home invasion. I hope these robbers are caught and brought to justice. Just when they said Fayetteville's crime rate decrased, this happens. Perhaps one day these robbers (or any robbers for that matter) will encounter the wrong people who are armed and ready to defend themselves.

  • mulecitybabe Jan 24, 2011

    WRAL-Why would you broadcast this woman's name and address, and show her house on tv, then list all the stolen electronic goods that were recovered. You do realize that you just gave an itemized shopping list to some criminal as to what this lady has and where they can go to get it? Please re-think this policy in the future.

  • croationcountess Jan 24, 2011

    This is insane and breaks my heart. These people need to realize that one day they are going to break into the wrong home. Who in the heck do these loosers think they are that they have the right and feel that they can get away with breaking in and taking things from innocent families. Shame on them. And, I bet they won't even do time for it "if" they get caught. This is REDICULIOUS. I pray for this family that God will give them the strength they need to get through this terrible experience. I dare anyone to come into my home thinking that they have the right to take what they want and scare my family. J.O.B. would help not they would want one as they are all brought up this way. I blame it on the parents... Trinda Anne