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Passengers give sky-high reviews of RDU's Terminal 2

Posted January 23, 2011
Updated January 24, 2011

— The latest expansion project for the Raleigh-Durham International Airport left the runway Sunday, sending off the first departures from its state-of-the-art new concourse.

The opening of the south concourse of Terminal 2, the airport's largest construction project to date, completed the nine-year, $570 million investment. 

The open, sunlit Concourse D is the new home of Continental Airlines and U.S. Airways. It will also add 17 gates and 13 restaurants and shops, including Carolina Vintages wine shop and Five Guys Burgers, to the terminal.

American, Delta and United airlines moved in to Terminal 2's north concourse in October 2008. The terminal now has a 10-lane security checkpoint and a total of 36 gates.

RDU Concourse D RDU expansion project completed with new concourse

WRAL News spoke with passengers traveling Sunday who admired the sleek, modern-looking terminal.

"I would say sophisticated. Sophisticated and very welcoming at the same time," said Sara Clark. 

Samar Ellison commented on the "impressive selection" of restaurants and shops.

"I like the variety," Ellison said.

Passenger Shelli Vinturella said she thought the terminal was "beautiful."

"When you walk in, you don't feel like you're in an airport, and I think that's kind of cool," she said.

The construction project was completed a month ahead of schedule, just in time for the NHL All-Star Game, which was awarded to Raleigh last summer. The game will be played at the RBC Center Jan. 30. 

RDU spokeswoman Mindy Hamlin said Friday that Terminal 2 marks a major milestone in the airport's growth.

"This terminal can support 11.4 million passengers. This puts us in a good position for the next 30 to 35 years," she said.

The airport had more than 8.3 million arriving and departing passengers during the first 11 months of 2010.


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  • chivegas Jan 24, 2011

    My biggest complaint thus far - Five Guys in T2 isn't open yet...

  • tgcmisc Jan 24, 2011

    I would like to see an analysis of the ORIGINAL cost of Terminal 2, which was originally the Latest and Greatest Terminal C. How MUCH money has been spent on the original building, the renovations and finally the demolition and the NEW construction. I seriously doubt there is any RETURN....only GROSS mismanagement and wasteful spending.

  • Voguy Jan 24, 2011

    As for early arrivals having to wait before approaching a gate, if the ATC says "hold short," Ground Movement Control holds the aircraft accordingly. At the top of the chain of command is ATC, and they have pretty good reasons for directing ground traffic the way they do.

  • PhotoJ Jan 24, 2011

    Mo Blues, no, actually I find your condescending and entitlement-laden tone disturbing. Let me guess, you are an overpaid financial consultant (sw)

  • LtDansMagicLegs Jan 24, 2011

    @Mo Blues - You know most airlines have different companies that handle their ground ops? If you have consistant problems maybe you should switch airlines?

    I work part time there on the weekends. Not going to say for whom but if we left a plane waiting at the gate for us to marshall them in I would no longer have that part time job...

  • mrcrosbys Jan 24, 2011

    A beautiful building to get felt up in. It is kind of like going to the Marriott but without the beds, lobby, pool, etc... Just a bunch of cheap thrills

  • lb27608 Jan 24, 2011

    The new terminal is fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing the future renovations for Terminal 1, but I agree with Mo Blues - baggage handling at RDU is the worst of any airport I've ever used. I once waited over an hour for my bags after a United Express flight from Denver, which is ridiculous and unacceptable. My average wait now is around 30 minutes after deplaning. For comparison, when I used to fly into San Diego (which is similar in size to RDU but handles twice the passenger load), my average wait for a bag was less than half that.

  • wynnediii Jan 24, 2011

    Were these "sky-high" reviews given before they were groped by the TSA?

  • Bill Brasky Jan 24, 2011

    "Terminal 1 looks like an oversized, overused travel trailer - inside and out. Spending money on renovating it is like putting lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig.

    Only the pig has RDU's #1 carrier - Southwest."

    Haa...haaa...Good one! I will say last time I flew, I was in a third world country, the airport there was way more up to date then the older terminals at RDU.

  • mpheels Jan 24, 2011

    "Only the pig has RDU's #1 carrier - Southwest."

    For now. I seem to remember an article last fall that said RDU might move all operations to T2 and close all of T1 for the duration of the renovation. T2 has the space, and it would save a lot of money over a phased renovation. I also think (hope) the "renovation" of T1 is actually a demolition/rebuild.