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Tedesco facing home foreclosure

Posted January 19, 2011
Updated January 20, 2011

— Proceedings are under way to foreclose on the Garner home of Wake County school board member John Tedesco, according to documents filed this month in Wake County.

Tedesco stepped down from his job with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle last year to commit to the Board of Education and in his roles as chairman of the board’s Student Assignment Committee and Economically Disadvantaged Task Force.

Tedesco said Wednesday that he stepped down at a tough time in the economy and that it has been difficult finding another job.

He said he is working with his mortgage company to negotiate lower payments on his house.

"I have sacrificed my job, my livelihood, my career, my time and my family and the disconnect is people think I am in bed with some corporate greed," he said. "I wish I was so I would have some money to pay the mortgage." 

Announcing his decision in April, Tedesco said he had been putting in 20 to 30 hours a week on matters related to the school system in addition to his full-time job.

“Short of losing some sleep and personal time, I don’t think I’ve paid a price for the opportunity to serve the community,” he said in April of his decision. “I wanted to make a bigger commitment to our community and our kids.”


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  • christinebbd Jan 25, 2011

    For those who think John didn't make a rational decision, I'd like to remind you that the signers of our Declaration of Independence had the same "mental capacity" and made the same rational decision. http://www.boycottliberalism.com/Freedom.htm , on this page you'll find the consequences they suffered... they lost their homes, businesses, and some lost their lives.

  • DaddyDave Jan 24, 2011

    So lets get this straight, Tedesco worked for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle, who helps disadvantaged children. He goes to work for a school board of a system that has a dropout rate of nearly 45% of minority and disadvantaged students to try and help.

    Hes a conservative, so everything then becomes he must be trying to bring back segregation, not stop a failed policy costing 8 million.

    Donors and others threaten to remove funding for Big Brothers Big Sisters if they don't fire Tedesco. He steps down in part to help protect the BBBS, in part not to be fired?

    WRAL doesn't mention the threats to remove funding from the organization, then talks about his forclosure as if to say that to say he is somehow financially irresponsible? Why WRAL?

    Why didn't you cover the Garner School board meeting where they were VERY supportive of Tedesco and the community based schools? Did it not fit your agenda WRAL?

    Blatant biased reporting and biased comments posted here at WRAL.

  • auarat1979 Jan 21, 2011

    Maybe the Repubs will swoop in a pay for his house. Perhaps that is why he was so eager to talk to the media about his financial troubles. I bet he will be employeed and out of forclosure by the end of next week. Go ahead Tea Party...Save your main man!

  • Remy Jan 21, 2011

    A wake- ditto! Good intentions, bad life skills.

  • Homerun5thgxe Jan 21, 2011

    People like PCPOWELL show the level of ignorance that is common place in the WCPSS. People fail to realize there are situations at all the schools. For someone like Tedesco who has "NO" stake in our schools. Did not "GROW UP" in the Wake County system and knows nothing of our culture is just another Northerner coming sown to the SOUTH talking out the side oif his neck. There are things kids deal with on a daily basis at our schools of which he has no CLUE. WHY...because he has no kids in the WCPSS. If he is so stand up he should have fought to keep his job. But of course most of the fools who love what he is doing to our school system probably rode the small bus to school. He wanted the public eye....he got it. Kitchen must be getting hot cause now the people who picked at the NAACP president are now crying that POOR John is being attacked.

  • A-Wake Jan 21, 2011

    We should thank Mr. Todesco for his public service. However, is he a good example for the students of Wake County? Outbursts, name calling on Facebook and now financial irresponsibility. A clear lack of judgement and balance on his part. Many of us volunteer to help others. We are able to sustain balance in our lives to meet the reality of our obligations. How can you help others if you can't help yourself?

  • hsfootballfan84 Jan 21, 2011

    I wonder if he is still capable of paying his property taxes? If not, I question whether or not he should have much say in the future of our schools...

  • Nancy Jan 21, 2011

    Worse, WRAL didn't even cover last nights meeting with parents in Garner, and they certainly gave headline coverage on the meeting with parents in Southeast.

    Their bias is clear.

  • RedStatesManWatts Jan 21, 2011

    So what you are saying is that if someone's home is in foreclosure then that equals that the person can not handle a budget? Is that your reasoning here WRAL? My home will most likely go into foreclosure in two months because I lost my job due to the economy so since obama is the president then he be fired immediately due to his obvious failure...right? See what I mean? Who wrote this article?

  • dukefan88 Jan 21, 2011

    WRAL you should be ashamed for stooping this low! I mean it's really not unexpected seen as you are part of the Lamestream media. It seems to me that WRAL has no honor whatsoever!!!