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Woman shoots dog with a shotgun for biting her daughter

Posted January 19, 2011

— A Durham woman said she shot a dog with a shotgun and left it in the yard overnight Jan. 11 immediately after it bit her 2-year-old daughter.

Durham police charged Tasheka Laquon Beatty, 33, of 311 E. Knox St., with animal cruelty the next day.

Beatty said she is not a cruel person, but she had to protect her child, Latalya, who now has a large scar on her left cheek and may need facial reconstruction surgery.

"I do love animals, but I ask somebody, 'what would you do, if that was your child?" she said.

Beatty said she had been keeping the dog for a friend for about a month and that Latalya was very attached to it. But the dog turned on her daughter on Jan. 11, a morning Beatty said she'll never forget.

"The dog was laying down asleep. My little girl got out of bed and went to the dog and that's when he grabbed her. That's what woke me up," she said.

The dog bit the girl in the face, and then went after Latalya's father.

Beatty said she wasted no time in taking the dog outside and shooting it with a shotgun, before driving her daughter to Durham Regional Hospital, she said.

woman shoots pit bull Durham woman shoots dog for attacking toddler

The next day, Beatty said, she called police to have the dog taken to animal control. Police said the dog was still alive Jan. 12.

Durham County Animal Control seized the dog, but refused to comment on the extent of its injuries and whether it was still alive Wednesday.

Beatty said the dog died.

Beatty said she doesn't regret shooting the dog, which she said was a 1-year-old pit bull named Moo Moo.

"It mauled my daughter... I take full responsibility. I just think that's what any other parent would do if they (saw) what I saw," she said. 


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  • metroretro2003 Jan 28, 2011

    The dog is not to blame for the bite. The lousy mother is responsible for letting this happen. You don't keep a dog for a friend and not know everything there is to know about the dog. Did this stupid mother know anything at all about pitbulls? I doubt it. Never wake a sleeping dog. Don't hug a dog as they don't like their personal space invaded. Know how to approach a dog. Most kids run up to a dog and the dog sees this as an attack and will bite. Poor dog, stupid mother.

    I saw the yard/dog house area. What a dump. A picture is worth a thousand words. Oh and on the reconstructive surgery.......we all know who will get stuck with that bill in the form of higher costs in insurance and hospital charges.

  • redboots74 Jan 26, 2011

    So what some of you are saying here is that a dog's life is more valuable than that of a human being? Really? Don't get me wrong, I love dogs. I have 3 of my own. And yes, I make sure that I pay special attention when they and my children interact in any way. But if it were a poodle, would you still say the dog was probably treated bad from day one and so it's the owner's fault? Or if you were the mother of a two year old little girl who awoke and rose from her bed before you did, and you were unaware, would you still say it is the mother's fault? I gaurantee you that I would have shot that dog just as this woman did. The only difference in her actions and mine would have been that I would have made sure it was dead on the first shot, and I wouldn't have bothered to call animal control. I'd have dug a hole and buried it. I think you fail to realize that it is a D O G. Not a person. Get real, folks.

  • solisinvicti Jan 25, 2011

    This dog was probably treated bad from day one and who knows if it was forced to fight other dogs. This story is beyond cruel. We act like we are so superior to dogs just because we are humans. Let me tell you I prefer my pets to 99.9% of humans any day. Shooting a dog and leaving it tied up is evil. What will happen in this story is most parents will side with the mother and most animal lovers will be against the mother. This crazy mother needs to be charged and is just plain sick.

  • stego24 Jan 24, 2011

    Should she have taken the child to the hospital first? Yes, probably. Should she be charged for shooting the dog? I don't think so. Leaving it laying around wounded on the other hand? I would have suggested just shooting the thing in the head. Should a person have a right to kill a violent animal which has injured a family member or another person. YES.

  • Golden Gate Bridge for sale Jan 21, 2011

    As defined by the words from the mother in the news article -

    "Beatty said she wasted no time in taking the dog outside and shooting it with a shotgun, before driving her daughter to Durham Regional Hospital, she said."

    The mother’s words and actions state her immediate concern was not for her daughter. You want to vent at someone do it at that mother for not watching her daughter.. not protecting her, not being a responsible parent. Right now that child, who cannot make correct decisions for herself depends on that parental unit to make decisions for her and to protect her from the environment around her until she can decide and choose on her own.

    If that unmonitored child had enough time to wonder off and get bite by a unmonitored dog, then what else could she have gotten into?

    What if that little girl didn’t wonder off and go near the dog, but even worse? What if that little girl WHO WASNT BEING WATCHED wondered off and grabbed that gun the mother

  • shortcake53 Jan 21, 2011

    Whats SAD is someone who knows absolutely nothing about this mothers love for her child, being on here spouting off.

  • shortcake53 Jan 21, 2011

    Serious, There is no doubt in my mind that at the time, the dog was the least of her worries. If it had been me, I would have believed it was dead after I shot it. I'm sure her only thoughts were of her baby, as any mother would do.

  • Golden Gate Bridge for sale Jan 21, 2011

    Wow, everyone’s comment on defending the mother who loved her child so much? SAD!

    Yea right.. she was SO concerned for her child’s safety and well being, while the baby was injured and crying she had time to think about getting a gun, think about finding the bullets, thing about loading that gun and then think some more about chaining the dog up and then shooting it.

    Most normal people would be.. let me get "them" to the hospital first then I will deal with the problem. What if that "person" was injured and needed immediate medical attention and wouldn’t survive unless? And she chose to deal with the dog first and waste time getting to the hospital?

    She did this all while her child was hurt and bleeding. And you can’t argue it was in self defense after the dog was chained up and contained in the yard. That’s like putting a criminal in the back of a squad car THEN shooting them.. because they had a gun before you arrested them..

    It doesn’t seem like her child’s welfa

  • Justin T. Jan 21, 2011

    My idea is to get a gun with a silencer and call it "the dog whisperer". That way if I have to euthanize the neighborhood's pit bulls nobody will be startled.

  • serious Jan 21, 2011

    Has anyone thought for a second that maybe she didnt know the dog was still alive after she shot it????