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Raleigh Planning Commission to study proposed quarry expansion

Posted January 18, 2011
Updated January 19, 2011

— About 15 people spoke Tuesday night during a public hearing on plans to expand a rock quarry off Duraleigh Road in northwest Raleigh.

Residents of the Delta Ridge subdivision have expressed opposition to the project by posting signs in their yards and launching a website against Hanson Aggregates' plan. The company is seeking city approval to rezone 100 acres from residential to industrial use.

"The quarry wants to move next to us. They want to bring their blasting, which we can already feel, a thousand feet closer," Andrew Meehan said during the meeting. 

The company plans to extend the Crabtree Greenway through the site to Umstead State Park, add 50 parking spaces for park visitors, create a nine-acre nature preserve and allow the city to use the quarry for flood control.

"When we began this process, we thought it was a win-win. Tonight, we believe the same," Hanson Aggregates Vice President Chris Ward said. 

The City Council referred the matter to the Raleigh Planning Commission for review and a recommendation.

Because residents are protesting the proposed expansion, at least six members of the City Council would have to vote in favor of it for approval.


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  • cocker_mom Jan 19, 2011

    Hey House - thanks for the creative quoting. You have a great potential for a career in journalism. ;-)

  • Karmageddon Jan 19, 2011

    "I am only asking for things to stay the way they were"

    Change is inevitable. The powers of eminent domain will not be stopped.

  • I Change This Name Daily Jan 19, 2011

    delta ridge - live between a rock and a hard place

  • cocker_mom Jan 19, 2011

    "If you don't like where you live then move. There's plenty of homes available around here that aren't next to a quarry."

    FYI - I like where i Live. My home is NOT near a quarry - and there was no plan to have a quarry next to me when I bought 14 years ago - therefore - I am only asking for things to stay the way they were planned and zoned.

    It's like the house next door to you being turned into a drum studio for teenagers with Tourette's and telling you to move because there are plenty of other houses that down have a drum studio next door.

    Get it?

  • Karmageddon Jan 19, 2011

    If you don't like where you live then move. There's plenty of homes available around here that aren't next to a quarry.

  • cocker_mom Jan 19, 2011

    it's a HUGE expansion that would take land that already has been set up with streets and water / sewer and turn it into a quarry. The land they want to use is CURRENTLY ZONED RESIDENTIAL. It was part of the Comprehensive Plan to REMAIN RESIDENTIAL for at least 30 years. The ONLY reason we're talking about it now, is that the developer that made a bad decision with the "Hamptons" development and wants to sell the land to the quarry because he/they couldn't sell the homes.

    It would dump a TON of heavy truck traffic out on to Ebenezer Church Road - VERY dangerous - cars go off the road all the time now with it's twists and turns - usually crossing the double yellow. Add 150 or so dump trucks a day to that (and the road was NOT designed for that) and someone will end up dead.

    I am sorry that the neighborhood didn't sell (there's about 10 homes of the planned 200) but it should NOT be a quarry per the city's own plan.

  • I Change This Name Daily Jan 19, 2011

    it's zoned residential, who's gonna build there? maybe the people already complaining about living next to a quarry

  • I Change This Name Daily Jan 19, 2011

    make it a swimming pool for wake county's school bored leader margiotta

  • dougdeep Jan 19, 2011

    Yes, there is a quarry there, and it's been there since 1946. That doesn't mean there needs to be a second quarry added between two residential areas. That's right, it's a second, giant hole in the ground. The quarry doesn't own the land yet, so it's not like they bought this years ago, and now the city is stripping their rights from them. This is a NEW quarry on NEW land.

  • kitcat718 is a college student Jan 19, 2011

    Yes, the quarry has been there for decades. The price of doing business in an expanding area is that you have to give it up if the area is no longer ok to work in. This will damage more houses and the way of life for the folks in the area than it will bring $$ to the quarry. They won't pay for the damages they cause with their blasting. Time for them to give it up and move elsewhere.