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Raleigh toddler dropped from balcony during fire

Posted January 18, 2011
Updated January 19, 2011

— A Raleigh woman dropped her toddler from her third story apartment and into a group of bushes below when a fire broke out on Tuesday afternoon, Raleigh firefighters said.

The woman, whose name was not released, then jumped from the balcony of her apartment, located at 2300 Wesville Court near Lake Boone Trail.

The woman and the toddler were taken to WakeMed Hospital for treatment of non life-threatening injuries, authorities said.

Firefighters said the blaze broke out around 2:30 p.m. in a third floor apartment. The fire was contained to that apartment, which was destroyed. A total of 12 units were damaged. 

The American Red Cross is assisting displaced families. 

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. 


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  • Das G Jan 19, 2011

    WRAL never ceases to amaze me with their sensationalism. You should be ashamed of this headline.

  • FromClayton Jan 19, 2011

    oh and i believe i can shed some light into the hospital debate. wakemed has a children's emergency room. rex does not. wakemed would have been better able to deal with the situation if the child had internal bleeding or needed emergency surgery from the fall. I'm pretty sure that was the deciding factor...not money or insurance.

  • FromClayton Jan 19, 2011

    i could not imagine the fear and strength it took to let go of that child over a 3 story drop. I dont think i could have let go of my son...even if to save him from smoke. The best i could have done was jump with him in my arms.

  • Fireflies Rock Jan 19, 2011

    Why does anyone on this site care what hospital this woman and her child went to? In a non-life threatening situation, the paramedics typically ask what hospital you wish to go to. Perhaps she prefers one over the other, or her insurance specifies - what business is it to anyone else?! The focus should be on the story, and yes, the headline is really AWFUL - this woman didn't "throw" her baby off the balcony. Can't anyone write anymore?

  • dlk13ster Jan 19, 2011

    "It's kind of jarring and misleading."-Charlotte1776

    BUT! It got you to read the article, didn't it?

    Say what you will, the fact that you're here means the headline did its job.

    (But yes, for the record, I agree)

  • Charlotte1776 Jan 19, 2011

    My jaw dropped when I read the headline, until I got to the last two words. Maybe the writer shouldn't have picked a headline that starts off like a tragic child abuse case and ends like a heroic life-saving act during an emergency. It's kind of jarring and misleading.

  • dlk13ster Jan 19, 2011

    Thank God they're both safe.

  • krazykristie06 Jan 19, 2011

    "Indigents are taken to WakeMed, I am glad as I do not have to wait behind a bunch of crying fatherless babies."-Mugu

    Mugu....What does this have to do with the story and how do you know this baby is fatherless?? Just because the story doesn't mention one?? Maybe he was at work!

  • VanC Jan 19, 2011

    "The picture shows a second floor balcony, which is what TV (WTVD)news reported yet WRAL says 3 stories. Check your facts, WRAL."

    Actually, if you look at the picture closely, there is another level down. See the arches on the bottom left? Also, what you are calling the first floor porches have railings. Why would a deck have a railing. Because it is a three story building and the two porches you see are the second and third floors.

    So quick to condemn...

  • nc_native36 Jan 19, 2011

    Mom & baby were taken to WakeMed because they fell under the "trauma criteria" (fall greater than 20 feet). WakeMed is the only trauma center in Wake County, and according to protocols of EMS, any patient that meets any of the trauma criteria must be transported to the nearest trauma center. They have special doctors that handle trauma, trauma surgeons on site 24/7, and many other specialty doctors on call around the clock.