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Panel recommends changes for Highway Patrol

Posted January 14, 2011

— The General Assembly should amend state law so qualified candidates outside of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol could oversee the agency, an advisory group appointed by Gov. Bev Perdue has recommended.

The recommendations were made Dec. 30 by State Highway Patrol Leadership Advisory Group, but were released Friday evening.

The group said candidates with at least 15 years of law enforcement experience and at least five years at the executive level should be considered for the position of Highway Patrol colonel.

Perdue asked the advisory group to review the Highway Patrol after numerous instances involving troopers who resigned, were fired or were disciplined for inappropriate or questionable conduct, including profiling, drunken driving, animal abuse, sex on duty and inappropriate text messages.

The advisory group also recommended the Highway Patrol implement recommendations made in 2008 by consulting firm KROLL. The panel found that the patrol did not fully enact some of those recommendations.

Among those recommendations was creating an ethics campaign, which was listed as completed on July 7, 2010. Another recommendation that was not implemented was a policy to determine the root of an employee's behavioral misconduct and the role and accountability of the employee's supervisor.

The KROLL report also suggested re-investigating every sworn employee in the agency every five years or before a promotion. The investigation would involve checking the FBI Criminal Justice System for nationwide arrest and conviction records and local courts for other arrests, convictions or restraining orders.

In addition, the Leadership Advisory Group recommended developing and implementing a system for classifying violations unique to law enforcement and establishing a punishment range.

The group also recommended that the patrol publish a quarterly summary of all disciplinary actions, which would be made available to staff and the public on the patrol's website.

An audit of all serious misconduct cases was also suggested.

The group also noted that the patrol is a “highly effective organization in achieving the mission of protecting the citizens of North Carolina, reducing collisions and making the highways of North Carolina as safe as possible."

Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety Ruben Young thanked the advisory group for its recommendations on Friday.

"Each member proposed recommendations that they believe will only strengthen the core values of the Highway Patrol. During this review process, the Highway Patrol has worked diligently to implement many of these recommendations and in some cases implemented changes beyond those proposed," Young said in a statement. "I am confident that the organization will continue to promote excellence and seek innovative ways to provide the best service to the citizens of North Carolina.”


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  • the people Jan 14, 2011

    A little pay; for a lot of politics is what SHP is!!!! Some may of did this or that;but there is some politics in this agency believe or not ..Some are treated different than others ..I have seen for myself in public jobs in NC..Based on who you know or who someone you know knows gets you many things in this agency!!Look at Jones case another Trooper took those pictures,he wanted a promotion and as I hear it; used or will use it to get advancement..this could of been handled different..Some have connections true or not???? Some stay in one County 26 years,at HP ;some stay a year or 2 and moved around..Some do stuff on job,and stay at HP;some are dismissed!!! Some know a Senator from down East and talks to them to help with promotion,they get it!!! Some stay Troopers for 30 years ,and retire at first chance..Why???? Because of politics..Not because they are not good at job but they don't contribute to this or that,it goes on,don't it ????Sure it does??? Who's to say this is a politica

  • haleibc Jan 14, 2011

    To clean up SHP or any other state agency, you must first start at the top. Bye Bev.

  • the people Jan 14, 2011

    Give them all prayer for judgement continued ; and put all Troopers who left back on the job,and make unspecified deals on this return;it is O.K!!! Courts do it all the time for the Sheriff family member in Wake County,just say if you do it again and you gonna get hot sauce on your-their tongue!!!! PJC -Continued!!!!!!! PJC-just help them out, it is family!!! No more dismissals---at HP--just PJC's only!!! supervise yourself!!!! He thinks this is O.K,he has confidence in system to fix it up,and they did,real good ;Why fire any troopers!!!

  • dustyroadstbl Jan 14, 2011

    Just why do we need an outsider to tell our State Highway Patrol how to do their job? I think they have be doing fine. Oh yea we sent all of the USA jobs across the big water so now we have to send our state jobs to another state. I am a woman and I am totally convinced we should never have a woman as governor.
    LMB for NC and NC jobs to stay in NC

  • the people Jan 14, 2011

    Talk the talk,but you possibly never walked the walk on the front line!!! Like some of us have..Behind the scenes in NC..On the crime fighting side ,SON!!!!!!

  • the people Jan 14, 2011

    JKKC---Who were you appointed by ????? Wise guy???

  • the people Jan 14, 2011

    JKKC---Sure, I do have General Statue experience ..What of it ?????? ? Can't you spell the words????

  • the people Jan 14, 2011

    Perfect it will never be ....!!!! As this goes on money is being wasted.. Politics will change,so will the Patrol!!! A few cases folks come up with change this ,change this episode..Bring the perfect person in ,let's see what he- they look like..someone will be hired they say; this him,he is this,that ;opinions are out there for all of us; it depends on how you first meet them..There is no perfect person,there is something some one likes or dislikes about all of us!!! You will never satisfy all ;all the time!!! It's a boring job at times,it is going 100 miles an hour sometimes;At times you are on a call every minute!! Some nights-days you get two calls all night!!! Some get complaints just for showing up!! With this public job some thing will all ways being a going on..Face it,you perfect critizers!!!!! It is a roller coaster job,that is the way it is!!!!!!! It will never change..Hire a preacher ,some will find fault with him or her!!!!! Damned if do,damned if you don't!!!! how can y

  • JKKC Jan 14, 2011

    Nothing like loggin on and seeing a bunch of anal clowns talking about something they have no knowledge of. Oh wait, my bad, you all have years of GenStat experience.

  • the people Jan 14, 2011

    Perfect it will never be!!!!