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Resident robbed at Louisburg nursing home

Posted January 9, 2011

— Family members raised concerns about security at a Louisburg nursing home after a resident there was robbed.

Police said two women entered Louisburg Manor unchallenged on Friday and took two rings from Doris Evans, 90, telling her she needed to remove them for an X-ray. 

"I'm scared ... and my mom's worried," said Bonnie Hudgins, whose grandmother shares a room with Evans.

According to nursing home employees, the women visited Louisburg Manor and Louisburg Nursing Center around lunchtime on Friday and were seen talking to residents. The facilities are both located on Smoke Tree Way and run by TRC of Louisburg, Inc.

Employees provided detailed descriptions of the two women to police. The first is described as a light-skinned black woman about 5 feet 6 inches tall and 250 pounds with her hair pulled back. She was wearing glasses, a black jacket and a pink sweater, according Cheryl Vermilyea, administrator of the center.

Security concerns raised after Louisburg nursing home resident robbery Security concerns raised after Louisburg nursing home robbery

Social worker Melissa Day, who works at both locations, described a second woman as short, skinny and appearing to have the facial droop that accompanies a stroke. That woman was wearing a black jacket and a striped hat, Day said.

"This is very dangerous," Hudgins said. "Anybody can walk in at any time. The nurse's station is down the hall, so there are some residents' rooms that you can get to that you never even have to go by a nurse's station."

Vermilyea pointed out that facility staff immediately reported the incident to police and changed the rules so that only people known to residents can visit.

"We are cooperating fully with their ongoing investigation. Additionally, we took the initiative to notify other health care facilities in the area of any potential risk to their residents," she said.

"The safety of our residents is paramount," Vermilyea said. "The facility takes any incident that potentially threatens their well-being very seriously."

Hudgins is not satisfied. 

"I think it should be governed that they should have some sort of security getting in, a touchpad where you have to put in a code to get in," she said.


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  • pedsRN Jan 10, 2011

    This could just as easily have happened at area hospitals. The front doors are open from 6AM until 9PM at several & I know that at 3 of them that's when a visitor's pass is required. You can walk past the information desk & other staff without being stopped.

  • TravelinMan Jan 10, 2011

    What a disgusting heap of dung this woman is to have stolen from a 90 year old woman being x-rayed in a nursing home. I would hate to be in her shoes when karma catches up with her and rectifies the injustice she perpetrated towards this seasoned citizen.

  • miketroll3572 Jan 10, 2011

    Retirement homes are full of thieves, including the people working in them. This place is run by fools.

  • sportsmom6811 Jan 10, 2011

    This was a ring the woman was wearing. Why should she need to put her ring in a safe and not wear it? It may not have any value to anyone but her. It is sad that someone would do this. But let's not forget the fact that not only did they rob her they drugged her as well. That's the really scary thought!! There should be security in these facilities. This is their home. They should feel safe. You lock your doors at home for your security where is theirs? This should concern everyone. You do not have to make these facilities prisons but make them safe and secure. I think the residents with what they pay should at least have peace of mind and feel safe in their home.

  • UPTOP Jan 10, 2011

    Not even our elderly are safe !! I hope they're caught soon !!

  • fireman1234 Jan 10, 2011

    No cameras at a nursing or retirement home? Also, no check in needed? Wow, what an invitation for criminals to enter without any accountability. The background checks on employees are great, but these were not employees, at least I hope. The day has come now you have to have security everywhere you go to enter anywhere. SAD!

  • Reader X Jan 10, 2011

    I had to check in to visit my grandmother in a nursing home. There were also camera's inside and out so they could keep an eye on everything and still allow the patients to go outside if they would like. Some patients did have to wear a bracelet and be watched closely if they wondered outside.

  • sesomi Jan 10, 2011

    aA a employee of a long term care facility I can tell you that it is required by state that we do background checks on all employees before they are hired. And may I point out that this was not staff but obvious con artists. However I do agree tis best to keep expensive items in a safe(most facilities have one)or with a trusted family member. And our staff are trained to question anyone that we are not familiar with as to why they are at our facility.

  • ilike9 Jan 10, 2011

    Why oh why do you not have to check in to visit at a nursing home. You have to check in to visit at a hospital don't you? Why shouldn't you have to check in at a nursing home. Come to think of it, I didn't have to check in to visit my grandmother when she was in rehab after her hip replacement. Anyone could have walked in there. Scary to think about. Now this will give other dirt bags ideas on how to rip people off. People are so hateful. Makes me sad.

  • artist Jan 10, 2011

    Do it my way....

    Theft from the elderly or disabled = 10 yr. minimum sentence.

    Please - please.... spend my tax dollars on more prisons and work details!