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Knightdale man shot; three arrested

Posted January 6, 2011

— Knightdale police arrested three men after an 18-year-old was shot in the head Wednesday night in the area of Laurens Way and Parkside Commons Drive.

Police said Torrahn Hughes and two friends were walking along Laurens Way around 8 p.m. As they approached Parkside Commons Drive, a man ran up to them and fired three to four shots from a handgun, police said.

Hughes was shot in the head and taken to WakeMed Hospital, where he was in critical condition Thursday morning.

The suspect ran to a gray vehicle, got in the passenger side and the vehicle sped off, police said.

Authorities arrested three Wendell men and charged them in the shooting.

Maurice Devon Jenkins, 20, was charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

Emanuel Devon Young, 20, and Rayshawn Delano Austin, 24, were each charged with accessory after the fact of attempted murder.

All three men were transported to the Wake County jail for processing. No other information was released.

knightdale shooting Man shot in the head on Knightdale street


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  • Kids Come First Jan 7, 2011


    "Worry about yourself before you go and talk about problems that you don't have anything to do with".

    Well I disagree, When this gang related violence is carried out in our communities with no regard to innocent by standers and children that can not even play in their own neighborhoods with out the fear of being injured or killed it becomes every ones business. I see it up close and personal every day.

  • Kids Come First Jan 7, 2011


    Could not have said it better myself. These young men are vicious and violent and you can be sure there will be future incidents related to these criminals and this shooting.

  • ForTheLoveOf Jan 6, 2011

    As I've stated before, the only way to "fix" the justice system is a two fold step. One, you'd have to elect politicians who say what they mean, and follow through with passing (not laws) but tougher sentences for criminal convictions. Then you'd also need to elect judges who also start slapping out the maximums for charges. Really, what you need to do is do the three strikes and you're dead law. That way, the people who get arrested and learn a lesson, do just that, and those that don't want to change, meet the firing squad.

  • astounded12 Jan 6, 2011

    I and many of my friends attended East Wake High for all 4 years until we graduated. There is definitely a problem with gangs, drugs, race, social status, etc. The violence is getting out of hand and the harder the "adults" crack down on kids, the more most rebel. Not saying that you should just say "Hey! Run wild and do whatever!!" If you went to EWH you probably remember the name 'East Wake Penitentiary'. I personally enjoyed 95% of my teachers through the years and I don't blame them, I just think the School system should pay attention to the students more and help them along the way like they are suppose to, then just stating the rules and making everyone angry and rebelling. Right now though we have a boy in the hospital and a family not knowing what to do, but wait for whatever may come. How about we start caring more for each other and stop worrying about what scene, gang, hood, etc, we're from because if this was your loved one, you'd be asking for the help.

  • sftballmom Jan 6, 2011

    As a Knightdale resident I feel the need to comment.
    First, we are not a community in denial about gang activity, it's here just as it is in almost every community in the US, right now we don't know the motive for this shooting.
    Second, our local police, KPD is very present in the community and make their presence known in all areas of town.
    Third, this shooting isn't about a new high school, blacks or whites, a lack of community interest in what's going on, or any of the other b.s people have come up with.
    It's about a few INDIVIDUAL young men who felt the only answer to their personal issues was violence, which we all know doesn't help.
    ALL of these young men have family and friends who love them and care about them, and now each of these families has to sort out the effects of this shooting.
    More time and effort should be put towards prayer and healing for all concerned.

  • Idrivemyown Jan 6, 2011

    I would like to know why the courts set the bond on the Hughes boy low enough that someone could bail him out and put an attempted murderer back out on the streets and not expect something to happen!(story below from May 2010) Our justice system is a joke and very sad!!


  • seankelly15 Jan 6, 2011

    AirBorne Daddy - "Surely gang related...Knightdale is a melting pot for Gangs. It is new for that area, so people are still blind to the truth!". Interesting observation... a "melting pot for Gangs" (why is gangs capitalized?). So what you are saying is that Knightdale is the place where all of the gangs in the area join forces into one large gang?

  • seankelly15 Jan 6, 2011

    Plenty Coups - "Your statement is statistically not accurate sir." So, given the original premise which was that crime does not know color you are arguing that crime is committed by just one race?

  • Hammerhead Jan 6, 2011

    Glad I live in Durham county and not Knightdale.

  • tommyaugustine84 Jan 6, 2011

    Despite the fact a young man was shot, offering such logic as "Shootings can happen anywhere, gangs happen everywhere" is too broad of a statement, and quite frankly, ignorant. The back side of Parkside Commons is a problem, and it has always been a problem the past few years. This is the second incident (Within a 100 YARD radius) where gun violence has happend. This most recent incident just happens to be the most violent.

    "two full time officers" in that area is an absolute krap-filled lie. I often travel through there from PW to the Wal-mart shopping area and don't see a police presence. Knightdale Police can do more. I think the new police chief believes he has an easy job here compared to where he came from so a kid killed at Dominos, and another kid shot in the head, all with in a year is No big deal. The police can do more, they have done more before, but it was done under previous police management.