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Bail request delayed for Zahra Baker's stepmom

Posted January 3, 2011
Updated January 4, 2011

— There's been a delay in a request by the stepmother of a 10-year-old disabled girl North Carolina police say was killed and dismembered to be freed on bail.

A judge in Newton on Tuesday postponed until March 7 a request by lawyers for Elisa Baker to have her bond of nearly $100,000 reduced. There was no immediate explanation for the delay. 

She has been held since her arrest in October on several outstanding warrants unrelated to the case the day after Zahra Baker was reported missing. She also was accused of obstruction of justice after police say she wrote a fake ransom note about another girl.

No one has been charged in the death of Zahra Baker, a 10-year-old disabled girl whose dismembered remains were discovered in Caldwell County Nov. 12.

Zahra needed a prosthetic leg and hearing aids after a battle with cancer. Her prosthetic leg and one of her bones was found along Christie Road in Caldwell County in early November. About a week later, remains matching Zahra's DNA profile were found in the Dudley Shoals area of Caldwell County.

An investigator with the Hickory Police Department wrote in a search warrant that Elisa Baker's lawyer told him Zahra had been dismembered, and that she and her husband dumped a mattress and box springs at a trash dump in Granite Falls and wrapped Zahra's prosthetic leg in a white trash bag and threw it into an apartment dumpster in Hickory.

The warrants note that Elisa Baker showed "deception" in a polygraph test when asked if she knew of any harm that came to Zahra.  

Adam Baker has adamantly denied any involvement in his daughter's death. Warrants contained information about two men, acquaintances of Elisa Baker, who a source said may have raped and killed the girl.

Investigators have not released how Zahra was killed.


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  • southernborn24 Jan 4, 2011

    ....on second thought maybe they should turn her loose...a good old fashion lynching might be just the right thing!

  • bonnnie Jan 4, 2011

    This is a sad story that poor little girl. God is taking care of her now. The people who did this too her they know who they are and how they can live with theirself is beyond me!

  • rheingj Jan 4, 2011

    I agree, if they let her out, somebody will kill her! There are so many angry citizens out there outraged at what happened. And to think step monster and "the father" is telling the police someone raped and killed the child. Who would rape and kill a one legged child???? Also all those nice pics they have of this child and WRAL keep putting the weird looking one on each story! Reporters PLEASE PUT UP A PRESENTABLE PIC OF THIS PRECIOUS CHILD!!!!!!!!!!

  • bknyny1979 Jan 4, 2011

    This is a sad story, and no matter what happens to Elisa and her husband here on this earth, god saw what they did and he will handle it accordingly. The justice system has lots of loop holes and lawyers who manipulate sheer facts of the matter, but I wont be surprised if the punishment doesnt fit the crime. god saw what they did~ RIP Zahara

  • YoucanthandletheTRUTH Jan 4, 2011

    Why is she still alive?

  • question_why Jan 4, 2011

    I think this article is mistitled. I was concerned that a bail hearing needs to be timely to keep from violating her civil rights and I wouldn't want her to walk on a technicality. The issues is really a bail reduction hearing though and I don't think they need to be timely. I see no reason why the bail should be reduced and hope they keep it high....chance of fleeing is a strong possibility.

  • sunny13 Jan 4, 2011

    It's not that they just killed her, but they took body apart. The thought makes me sick.

  • sunny13 Jan 4, 2011

    I am sure that if they let her out on bail, she will be gone and not found. With the possibility getting a death penalty, who wouldn't? If they let her out, it's a mistake.

  • CarolinianByChoice Jan 4, 2011

    Hmm, was cut off even though I had less than 1000 characters!

    . . Its not like the step-mosnter is going anywhere except three feet to cross her cell - where she will hopefully remain for the rest of her life for her obvious knowledge of what happened, and whatever part she took in it.

  • Really123 Jan 4, 2011

    Hey i know a good bail....... how bout 3 hundred and 5 7 magnum , back of the head .... paid in full? You know they both know what happened to that little girl . Sorry ,but if you can look into a childs face while they take their last breath , your a genetic defect anyway . Rehab cant help that , only Smith and Wesson . Cheaper too.