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Raleigh bodyshops benefit from winter weather

Posted January 3, 2011

— The late December snowfall has some Raleigh body shops piled up with work.

It was crunch time last Friday at Raleigh Collision on New Bern Avenue. Workers were repairing triple the number of vehicles than normal, after snow and ice sent cars and trucks into trees and guardrails over the Christmas holiday weekend.

“What we’re talking about now at this particular shop is about a 17-day delay before we can even start repairing your car,” store manager Ryland Shaw said.

Between Dec. 26 and 28, when the snow and ice was at its worst, state troopers went out on more than 300 calls in Wake County. Normally, they respond to about 50 calls in three days.

“Fortunate for us, I guess you’d say. Unfortunate for the general public,” Ryland said.

Most of the vehicles being repaired are covered by insurance, which helps smooth the impact, Shaw said.

Business booms at Raleigh body shop after Dec. snowstorm Business booms at body shops after December snowstorm

Some body shops are still working on cars damaged much earlier in December when icy roads back then caused multiple accidents. The sudden boost in business has helped shops in an otherwise slow economic year.


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  • Stand-In-The-Door Jan 4, 2011

    Wonder how many 4 x 4's (SUV's included) are being repaired? It always amazes me that the drivers of these vehicles think because they have a 4 x 4 they can drive in ice and snow like any other time.

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Jan 4, 2011

    If these people had left their cars parked instead of thinking they were so important they had to be somewhere, their insurance wouldn't be going up.

  • Arkansas Razorback Jan 4, 2011

    Autocraft Collision is great. They are a brand new Autobody shop in Raleigh. They do great work. I was very satisfied. The number is 919-803-4943 in case anybody wants to give them a try. They scheduled me right in after the snowstorm and I had my car back in just a few days.

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Jan 4, 2011

    Isn't this story kind of like, If the sun comes up tomorrow you will see again? Rocket journalisim as usual.

  • OpenM1nd Jan 4, 2011

    The body shops also benefit from self-centered holiday shoppers who thoughtlessly back shopping carts into other person's cars two days before Christmas and then run off without leaving behind a note!

  • anneburtonr Jan 4, 2011

    people should be more concerned about who fixes thier car than when. Technicians should have a technical school degree, ASE and ICAR certifications. Ask the shop manager about his employees to make sure the people repairing your car have the knowledge to repair it properly . 10 years of experience may mean 10 years of bad work

  • thewayitis Jan 4, 2011

    Thanks, folks, for the advice on car repair. I'm just hoping I won't get into another wreck for a long, long time....Hah!

  • 6079 SMITH W Jan 4, 2011

    Which is worse....having to wait longer to get your done-right car back, or getting it back earlier (with a cob job) from the guy who promises EVERYBODY that "Your Car Will Be Ready On Friday"....which it generally AIN'T. ;)

  • TWM Jan 4, 2011

    thewayitis- you want it done right the first time?

  • sneeziegal Jan 4, 2011

    thewayitis: its not that there is a shortage of shops, its that insurance companies only do business with a small number of shops. My insurance company only has about 3-4 shops in Raleigh they work with directly. Since there there are fewer still MAJOR insurance carriers, All State, State Farm, Geico, etc., the number of options available to the insured are much fewer. Now you can go to a shop that doesn't have an agreement with your insurance company, but that process is not as smooth as working with a shop on your insurance company's list.