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Accuser: Frederick was 'monster with a badge'

Posted December 30, 2010
Updated December 31, 2010

— The woman who accused the former chief of the Garner Rescue Squad of sexual assault said she is speaking out on Thursday to help empower other women.

Kellie Dodds, a wife and mother of two, said William J. Frederick attacked her in the rescue squad's former offices on Seventh Avenue in Garner in September.

Dodds told WRAL News on Thursday that she initially thought Frederick was her friend but soon found out that he was “a monster with a badge.”

“We were both on duty and he asked me to help him with something in the building. I guess, I got stumped into going over there,” Dodds said. “If I would have known what type of person he was before that day, I would have never trusted him enough in the slightest bit.”

Dodds said two days after the attack she filed a complaint against Frederick.

“I was scared,” she said.

Less than a week later, Frederick resigned from his job citing personal reasons.

Frederick was charged with sexual battery in October. After a police investigation, he was convicted of assault on a female on Dec. 21 and given a 60-day suspended sentence, three years of supervised probation and 30 hours of community service, police said.

Frederick did not return calls for comment on Thursday. 

In 1996, Frederick resigned from the Sanford Police Department amid allegations that he traded leniency on criminal charges for sexual favors. He was later convicted of attempted obstruction of justice and was placed on probation.

“It just seems like men like that they prey on women who they think are weak and won’t say anything and won’t come forward,” Dodds said.

Kellie Dodds Accuser speaks out against former Garner chief

Dodds said she came forward because she doesn’t want other women to remain silent.

“I knew it was the right thing to do,” she said. “I knew it was going to be a long fight but it was going to be worth it in the end.”

Dodds said her family, faith and friends are helping her through this difficult time.

"I just want to make that known that he will never do this to another woman again,” Dodds said. 

The sex assault probe prompted by Dodds' accusations led Garner officials to prematurely end the town's contract with the squad for search and rescue services.

The Garner Volunteer Fire Department took over those services in October.

Dodds is on extended leave from Garner EMS. She said she still thinks highly of the organization.


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  • abcdefg Jan 3, 2011


    You even approved of him dating a 18 year old girl a month after she turned 18. Despite the fact that he was a 43 year old man..............

    You two were great friend, we all know that. We remember your trips. But how dare you try to say you knew Dodds and knew what kind of person she was.

    That's quiet low and I have lost a serious amount of respect for you on that.

  • steved43026 Jan 3, 2011

    Med4centrl, you are a piece of work, and no better then Mr. Frederick. Some of the best people can be true "monsters" behind closed doors. Dodds was not the only one who has had more then "issues" with this low life. I guess the Sanford women he did the same thing to, were also trying to "move up" into a company?! Quit fooling yourself, and get real.

  • abcdefg Jan 3, 2011


    I am so disappointed in you.

    You don't know Dodds, you only know frederick and you know what kind of guy he is. Yes he was a great EMT/ERT, but everybody knew he was a dirtbag with women.

    Dodds did nothing to deserve this. Leave her alone!

  • med4centrl Jan 3, 2011

    Medic201 and Young, no, I'm not linked to Frederick. I know him, and I know Dodds. People who know both of the people involved know the real truth. If you know Bill Frederick, you know he has never and would never force a girl to do anything she didn't want to do. He's not natured like that. People who know Dodds know exactly what she did. I just can't believe she has the nerve to go on television to tell such a story. People like her are in EMS for the wrong reason. They have forgot about patient care and use EMS for a place to find boyfriends and to "climb that career ladder" without necessarily having the qualifications to do so. They're at every organization now - trying to work their way up by "favors" and not by credentials nor education.

  • carolinaprincess62 Jan 3, 2011

    I think he's probably a real dog (no insult meant to the four legged animal). Sorry to get off topic. He wouldn't be the first person in that kind of position to sexually harass a co-worker. It happens a lot in all areas. But, it seems like there's a lot of sexual activity when you put a man and woman on a truck together for 24 hours at a time. Not always a good thing. Maybe not wanted by both parties but things happen. I wonder what the rate of divorce is in the EMS profession as compared to the other professions.

  • JusticeNow101 Jan 3, 2011

    All you men who are defending Frederick are just as guilty as he is. I was living in Sanford when Mr. Frederick's young wife died of mysterious circumstances. This man is an animal. Ms Dodds has my complete support. All this talk of EMTs and their salaries is just a diversion from the real issue, Mr. Frederick and his persistent sexual harassment of women.

  • carolinaprincess62 Jan 3, 2011

    LOL @ GNLNC...sounds like you have a bee in your bonnet about RN's and Paramedics. In the county I live in, the paramedics start at a little over 14.50 an hour which IS less than what amyrn was saying they make in her county. However, they also work 24 on and 72 off which means they don't really need to sleep the entire time they are off. I've been involved in the EMS/Ambulance transport/Medical field for years. And, I have to ask if maybe one of the reasons amyrn's husband left the business was also because amyrn knows that the divorce rate for EMT's is pretty high. EMT's/FF's/LEO's are in those jobs a lot of times because of the adrenalin rush..the same kind they get when they are cheating on a spouse....it's additive. Been there and done that. Back in the days that I was involved with EMS, there was only a paramedic or two per county and nurses rode transport with the CRITICALLY ill patients because there were things they could do that the EMT's could not.

  • ncmedic201 Dec 31, 2010

    med4centrl, from everything I have heard about this man I am thinking you are either very closely linked to him and that is why you are defending him or you are being naive. You have said a couple of times there is nothing sexual about this case yet the DA charged him with SEXUAL assault, not assault on a female. As is typical in our justice system, he pled guilty to a lesser charge just as he did in Sanford.

    Mshood, I think to tell a victim that they sent someone mixed signals is a very mean thing to say. My sister was the victim of a sexual assault and there were no mixed signals. I have experienced harassment that was absolutely not warranted. It is sad when people assume just because a victim knows their attacker then they must have been at fault somehow.

  • james27613 Dec 31, 2010

    Appears he got a slap on the wrist compared to others
    that do this type of crime.

  • GALNC Dec 31, 2010

    Amryn - CPR Is considered a basic skill and is usually assigned by the Paramedic to the lowest skilled person on the Truck. Paramedics not only learn CPR, Pharmacology, Critical Intensive Care Paramedic (CICP) certifications, Jaws of Life, Duke Life Flight...etc. Wake County Paramedics are highly skilled and decide protocols etc. You don't give them enough credit. Ridden Emergency transports and the lead on a trauma scene......completely different.

    Take a bridge class..see if you can make it..many great RN's have said..way too much stress for them and they are great nurses. It's much different when you decide the protocol to use at at a Trauma scene versus implementing them in a hospital environment and following a Doctor’s orders for treatment.

    Has far has wearing "heels"..not really critical to knowing CPR, but glad to know you dress well.

    I don't know what County your husband was in...but it wasn't Wake. If it was...they probably had 1/2 the call volumes.