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Durham woman accused of trying to hire hit man to kill husband

Posted December 28, 2010

— A Durham woman has been arrested on charges that she tried to hire someone to kill her husband, authorities said Tuesday.

Teressa Michelle Holman, 39, of 2803 Framer Lane, was charged last Thursday with solicitation to commit murder. She was initially placed in the Durham County jail under a $2 million bond, but the bond was lowered Tuesday to $200,000.

An informant tipped off investigators with the Durham County Sheriff's Office last Wednesday that a woman was looking for someone to kill her husband before Christmas, authorities said. An undercover detective then posed as a hit man and recorded conversations with the woman.

The woman asked the deputy to kill her husband and provided him with information on where her husband would be at various times.

"It was very, very definite what she wanted done," said Lt. Stan Harris of the Durham County Sheriff's Office. "She did have a couple of reasons. She did make it clear about a couple of motives."

Harris declined to provide details on those motives.

Teressa Holman, Durham murder-for-hire case Durham woman accused of trying to hire hit man to kill husband

Investigators arrested Holman when she showed up in the parking lot of the Walmart store on Glenn School Road, where the would-be hit man was supposed to receive a partial payment to carry out the crime, authorities said.

"You hear about this stuff elsewhere, but this is the first time in going on 22 years of my law enforcement career that I've worked (a murder-for-hire case)," Harris said.

Investigators said Rodney Holman had no clue about a possible plot to kill him.

"At first, it was one of unbelief, but as we talked with him, it slowly sank in," Harris said. "He was, you know, hurt, a little upset. He ran the gamut of emotions."

Defense attorney Butch Williams declined to comment Tuesday.


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  • tjhiggs68 Dec 29, 2010

    The things that make people go absolutely nuts!!!! Leave! Divorce! Move to a new state! Unless he gave her some disease that cant be cured, why else would she want him dead? Good grief!

  • miyata Dec 29, 2010

    whatever happened to just leaving?

  • kikinc Dec 29, 2010

    I should say, a little easier than having your spouse whacked.

  • kikinc Dec 29, 2010

    Whatever happened to good, old fashioned divorce? Seems a tad bit easier these days.

  • ncmickey Dec 29, 2010

    Most of the anti Durham crowd here are known trolls. They know many readers panties get all bunched up every time they read a anti-Durham post. For some reason think they need to defend Durham. Forget it! These troll WANT you to get upset. Ignore them!
    We know Durham is a great place to live.... and well.... quite frankly.. I dont give a rats rear what a troll thinks. Click Ignore and they go away!!

  • freedomsforall Dec 29, 2010

    and you, deathrow-ifeelyourpain-not, are ignorant. my first choice of words got "marked innappropriate" but maybe you catch my drift... My point was, let's discuss the crime the woman committed, not her location which has absolutely nothing to do with the story... AT ALL. Perhaps now you understand.

  • freedomsforall Dec 29, 2010

    I love the people that get so upset when there is a bad comment about Durham. Why get so upset. It is one persons, well maybe more than one, opinion. Do you think there is some truth to it if you must defend so forcefully. I just don't see the defensive attitude when a crime that is committed in Raleigh and makes the news. But keep up the funny comments about Durham and the defenders keep up the fight...you may convince some new people to the area.

    and you stay in your subdivision where you hear the neighbors toilet flush and where you can't paint your house without 3 subcommittee's approval! love it...

  • Me again Dec 29, 2010

    After reading the headline I got nervous that the Durham woman was my wife. Thank goodness it wasn't.

  • ProudBlackSingleMother Dec 28, 2010

    If the tables were turned, this guy would have had a million dollar bond.

  • airbornemonty Dec 28, 2010

    Why is it that when a man mentions his wife to anyone he calls her his better half. Apparently not in this case.

    It is about time that we men learn that there isn't anything as vicious as the wrath of an angry woman.