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Clayton neighborhood regains power, hundreds still in the dark

Posted December 27, 2010

— Progress Energy restored power Monday afternoon to a Clayton neighborhood that had been without power for more than a day.

Power went out early Sunday in the Summer Place neighborhood, and Progress Energy crews got electricity back to the neighborhood shortly after noon Monday.

"We assumed that we'd have power by (Sunday) evening, and that didn't happen," resident Shirley Metera said.

She and her husband wore coats inside their house, where the gas fireplace provided the only heat. They spent the night with relatives in Garner.

Neighbor Dylan Paonessa said his family pulled out heavy-duty sleeping bags Sunday night, and breakfast Monday was Pop-Tarts on the grill. Although the boy characterized the experience as an adventure, he said the chilly conditions were better suited for the family's Siberian husky, Cody.

"We can't wait to get warmed up and not wear coats in the house and maybe sleep in our regular beds," said Dylan's mother, Cherie Paonessa.

Progress Energy officials said crews restored service to more than 260,000 customers across the Carolinas between late Saturday and Monday morning. The Raleigh-based utility continued to have scattered outages Monday evening that affected about 265 customers across the Triangle.

Clayton power outage Clayton neighborhood thaws out after 30 hours without power

The hardest-hit regions where crews continued to work Monday included Zebulon, Selma, Maxton, Elizabethtown, Fairmont and Clinton, the company said. More than 500 line and tree workers and support teams were on duty Monday.

Still, Robert Metera expressed frustration with Progress Energy's customer service during the 30-hour outage. He and his neighbors could get only a recording when they called the utility, and the message advised them to check a website for updates.

"The computer's out. You have no power. I mean, it's kind of ridiculous," he said. "I don't say they should have it fixed, but they should have some information telling us, giving us some type of information."

About 750 Duke Energy customers were without power Monday night. The Durham-based utility reported that outages were highest in Durham, Henderson, Catawba and Jackson counties.

Utility officials said strong winds Monday and Tuesday had the potential to blow snow-laden trees and limbs into power lines, creating new outages. Customers who lose power are advised to call their utility's toll-free number to report the outage, downed power lines or other safety hazards.


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  • oleguy Dec 28, 2010

    I remember once years ago we were without power for almost 2 weeks after a ice storm,, Be prepaired, gas heat, Gen. if you want tv or computers,, Battery radio,,, Floyd we were out for 10 days,,, Kinda like camping out,
    People get ready, our nation and state are broke, You better get prepaired to do without things we take for granted,
    I grew up in a large two story house with heat in one room down stairs. Good neighbors and friends are also a plus

  • MajorLeagueinfidel Dec 28, 2010

    Don't have much to say...Kerosene Heater with spare fuel in the shed/garage and Propane Cook Stove with a handful of propane cannisters on hand...ALWAYS.

  • Centurian Dec 28, 2010

    This neighborhood is NOT in Clayton, but is out in Johnston County. Progress Energy had problems, but the Town of Clayton Electric Department kept the "juice" on in town.

  • nauticagirl501 Dec 28, 2010

    My husband works for progress energy and I hate to express my frustration but he has not had sleep in 3 days you try going 3 days with no sleep and then complain they are working nonstop to get you'lls power back on please dont complain have some pity for these guys out workin nonstop cold, no warm food, away from there families on christmas and no sleep!!

  • thescarletpimpernel Dec 27, 2010

    I got the same recording and spoke with a nice rep who very nicely answered my call and couldn't give me an estimate of when my power would be restored, yet assured me it would be and thousands of others were without too. I've 4-5 days without during ice storms and eleven days during Fran. I prepared for this storm, I knew of the possibility of no power and went without for 14 hours yesterday and evening. Kids went to a friends with power and hubby and I went to bed at 9. Thanks to Progress Energy for dealing with the storm and having the labor on hand to restore as quickly as possible.

  • ccs1920 Dec 27, 2010

    Somebody dropped the ball around Loop Road north of Clayton. No power for 30 hours when we had absolutely no ice. Phone Progress Energy and get nothing but a recording saying check your computer. COMPUTER HAD NO POWER Never saw any repair men til late Monday morning. Electric back on within 20 minutes after the man came out.

  • George Costanza Dec 27, 2010

    Power was out in Riverwood Golf club for more than 30 hours. Half the nieghborhood lost it for about 12 some none at all and our friends lost it at 6:00 am on Sunday and got it back at1 or 2 today.

  • They call me CATMAN Dec 27, 2010

    Mine blinked many times and like an fool I reset the clock 1 hour latter the same thing I guess after setting the clocks 3 times I stopped which was good because the power blinked 3 times more. Thank God I never lost power.

  • RB-1 Dec 27, 2010

    Ours blinked many times, but held. Thank God!!!