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Teacher accused of showing porn in class posts Facebook response

Posted December 22, 2010

— A band teacher accused of showing pornography in a middle school classroom near Roanoke Rapids released a response to the allegations on Facebook Wednesday.

He thanked his online friends for their support during "this most trying time."

Archie Sheldon McLeod III, 51, of 174 Graystone St., Roanoke Rapids, was charged Tuesday with 11 felony counts of disseminating obscene material to a minor under the age of 16 and 11 misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

He was released on bond from the Halifax County Jail Wednesday.

His Facebook page reads: "To all my FB family, I want to thank all of you for your support of me during this most trying time in my life. To all my students collleagues (sic) and friends. You know what I've stood for in my life. You know the positive things I have instilled in you all with my teaching. Those things are embedded in your heart. I have faith in God and know that he will bring us through. God will have the victory."


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  • civicchic03 Dec 24, 2010

    Just think about this, there are going to be some people on this mans side (teachers and students) and when this child goes back to school, everyone knows he is the one who turned this man in. Someone whom some people may still look up to. Those people are going to be mad at this child for turning him in and taking their "favorite teacher" or friend away. Has anyone thought about that? Doesnt seem like his parents have! This child is going to be tormented and picked on and possibly worse by some of the children he goes to school with. I just don't understand how someone would put their child out there for everyone to know who he is in this kind of situation.

    I know this child done the right thing by turning this man in. And his parents had every right! They helped put a stop to something that could have really got out of hand if no one would have been notified. And I think this man should have to deal with the consequences that are coming his way. But I would have never allowed my chi

  • civicchic03 Dec 24, 2010

    Ok, I agree what this man done was VERY wrong! You send your kids to school thinking they are being taken care of and are in a clean learning environment and this is what they are really learning in some classes.

    Now heres a question for the other side of this situation, what kind of parent allows their under age child's identity in this situation be known? What kind of parent allows their childs face be put on tv and allows him to talk to the news and not hide his identity?

  • hezekiah37 Dec 23, 2010

    garychapelhill, as a non-bigoted, non-hypocritical Christian who has never persecuted a gay person or treated them as second-class citizens, I am curious. How are you being persecuted? Can you give an example of a law or policy that is used to hamper the rights of LGBT people by Christians? How are you not being treated equally under the law? You did not choose to he gay, but you choose to live that lifestyle. You could also choose a celibate lifestyle. Unfortunately, most Christians choose NOT to live a Christian lifestyle because it is just as hard to BE a Christian as it is to be celibate. And I can tell you from experience that shaming doesn't work PERIOD.

  • rookj Dec 23, 2010

    A little miffed at the Christians?

  • garychapelhill Dec 23, 2010

    Discussion that is not rational and civil is worthless.

    Blow it out your ear. When I and other gay people are no longer persecuted by bigoted, hypocritical christians (and that's the difference--show me one example of a law or policy that is used to hamper the rights of christians by LGBT people), AND I am treated equally under the law and not as a 2nd class citizen to satisfy the delusional beliefs of those christians who CHOSE that lifestyle, then I'll be civil. Shaming someone only works on people who are doing something shameful.

  • epps714 Dec 23, 2010

    gay? or straight? stupid is stupid?

  • hezekiah37 Dec 23, 2010

    "self defense. When they stop blaming everything on gay people, I'll return the favor. This way they can get an idea of what big fat hate filled hypocrites they are." garychapelhill
    "Hahahaha....hilarious!" findoutthefacts

    findoutthefacts, I am pretty sure it is not funny and calling garychapelhill "dumb" is not any more right that him calling all Christians "big fat hate filled."

    garychapelhill, I would think you of all people would be a little more sensitive to painting an entire group of people with a broad brush. It is called bigotry, whether the target is gays or Christians. The hate in your heart came through in your words, and the very definition of a hypocrite is "a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings." You seem to fit that definition to a tee.

    Discussion that is not rational and civil is worthless.

  • NCAries Dec 23, 2010

    I bet what he showed them was no worse than something they see at the movies, on TV or in video games. It's just the fact that he showed whatever it was. Poor judgment.

  • garychapelhill Dec 23, 2010

    why do you feel the need to attack Christians

    self defense. When they stop blaming everything on gay people, I'll return the favor. This way they can get an idea of what big fat hate filled hypocrites they are.

  • dwntwnboy Dec 23, 2010

    Could be worse, could've been showing em a "snuff" film or something violent....OH!! That's right! Violence and death are A-OK but god forbid someone see sex. He deserves what happens to him because he used very poor judgement- but it's not the worst thing that can ever happen. At least (to our knowledge at this point from what's reported) he hasn't or didn't "touch" any of the kids- THAT would be far far worse.