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AAA: Holiday gas prices in NC could pass $3 a gallon

Posted December 20, 2010

— This could be the first Christmas season in North Carolina where gas prices reach above $3 a gallon, according to AAA Carolinas.

On Monday, gas prices statewide averaged $2.93 for a gallon of regular unleaded, up 11 cents from last month and 37 cents more than a year ago.

The state's all-time high was $4 a gallon in September 2008. For the holiday season that year, however, prices dropped to below $2.

Since then, the average gas price has remained below $3 a gallon.

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North Carolina remains about a penny below the national average. 

On Monday, gas prices in Wilmington were the lowest at $2.91 a gallon. The highest prices were recorded in Asheville, with a gallon of regular unleaded gas going for $2.99. 

In the Triangle, the average gas price was $2.92 a gallon. 

Experts say a weak dollar and colder weather in many parts of the country are pushing crude oil prices higher which is having an affect on gas prices.

gas prices Holiday gas prices could pass $3 a gallon


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Dec 27, 2010

    Munchie, if you still own a gas guzzler, it’s your choice to do so. We have known for many years that gas prices can accelerate quickly, so stop crying about it.

    In the 70’s, I was worried about my parents getting stuck not being able to sell our V8 station wagon because it used a lot of gas (12 MPG?). I knew that gas was an issue then. I was ten.

    Are you telling us that you’re just now learning this?

  • cucamelsmd15 Dec 21, 2010

    "ucamelsmd15, learn to read and discern.....

    He was speaking of $4.50 and $5.00 a gallon for gas..." Juncyard.

    Oh really? Please find the word gas in that post. Also, please elaborate on how the US holds gas reserves instead of oil reserves.

    Ill wait.

  • Keepin_it_real_in_NC Dec 20, 2010

    "There is no economic reason for these price increases. "

    What??? Oil has tripled since Obama took office. Why as oil tripled? Oil is traded by US Dollars. The Feds have been printing money like post WWI Germany. More dollars equals less value in dollars. Economics 101 in action.

  • dwr1964 Dec 20, 2010

    There is no economic reason for these price increases. IT's capitalism at it's best. More people need fuel to get where they want to go for Christmas, therefore the oil companies want to cash in on it by raising prices. In any other retail sale, this would be illegal.

  • Juncyard Dec 20, 2010

    6079 SMITH W, "Don't do it, Juncyard....it's like hunting cows with high-power rifles. ;) "

    LOL no kidding.....

  • Desiderata Dec 20, 2010

    Been paying over $3.00 a gallon for Diesel anyway..what is the big deal?????? and WILD CAT... yep you had to put your worthless 2 cents in didn't you ( I know my comments are worthless,,,)

  • whatelseisnew Dec 20, 2010

    By the way if Obama's insane economic policies and the Fed continue driving down the value of the dollar expect Gas and Food and many other items to continue climbing. When are Democrats going to get an economic clue?

  • whatelseisnew Dec 20, 2010

    ""the repubs lied just to get elected and now look...we get robbed at the pumps. thanks TeaParty. -ger""

    Yeah it was the Repubs that shut down drilling in the Gulf and in Alaska. I had no idea Obama was a Republican.

  • whatelseisnew Dec 20, 2010

    "Have you been asleep EvilSithLord? While Obama has not been as bold as neccesary to move us away from oil, he's taken the steps that have been politically possible. We've already raised our MPG standards for the first time in 20 years. We're giving away generous tax credits to consumers who buy plugin hybrids or electric cars, to move that technology foward. There are also now several programs with federal dollars to encourage new battery technology and biofuels.

    More should be done, but all further efforts will be blocked by the now Republican Congress."

    thankfully Obama will be blocked. We need a sensible energy policy. that will require repealing a lot of stupid regs and getting red tape eliminated so we can make use of all available Domestic energy resources. In the meantime enjoy the high priced Gas the wonderful Obama has helped to bring to you.

  • Caveman93 Dec 20, 2010

    I'll buy more silver to hedge against this deflation eh? It's up 50% already this year. Good luck paying for gasoline ya'll!