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Neighbors fight proposed expansion by Raleigh quarry

Posted December 14, 2010

— People who live near a rock quarry off Duraleigh Road in northwest Raleigh say they are concerned about plans to expand the site.

Residents of the Delta Ridge subdivision have posted signs in their yards and launched a website to express their opposition to Hanson Aggregates' plan. The company is seeking city approval to rezone 100 acres from residential to industrial use.

"You've got vibrations that we feel regularly. In fact, in our home, things have fallen down from the blasting," said Ricky Stevens, president of the Delta Ridge Homeowners Association.

"So, all of a sudden, to have an expansion that is going to come up within 150 feet of the back row of our townhomes is very disturbing for our residents," Stevens said. "When they come closer, the blasting is going to come closer, and that's going to affect us even more."

Neighbors fight proposed expansion by Raleigh quarry Neighbors fight proposed expansion by Raleigh quarry

Sig Hutchinson, a community advocate who backs Hanson's plans, said the expansion would benefit the area. The company plans to extend the Crabtree Greenway through the site to Umstead State Park, add 50 parking spaces for park visitors, create a nine-acre nature preserve and allow the city to use the quarry for flood control, he said.

"This is really a win-win situation for the community – a rare opportunity to put some things to rest, to solve some of the city's problems, to benefit the citizens," Hutchinson said.

The expansion proposal was expected to be discussed at a Northwest/Umstead Citizen Advisory Council meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday at First Korean Baptist Church, on Ray Road.


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  • axepack Dec 15, 2010

    APXmom. The quarry doesn't own the land. Read some of the comments or read the Rezoning Case. The land is owned by a private (community - homes) developer. In your same thought, we should all move out and give the east coast back to the native americans. Good thought, but ignorant and impractical.

  • APXmom Dec 15, 2010

    haleibc- my question/thoughts exactly. The quarry is 80 years old.

  • c2sides Dec 15, 2010

    Absolutely. Good luck to us!

  • axepack Dec 15, 2010

    I walk / bike ride in the empty development now, as do many others in the neighborhood (and neighboring apartments). It is a beautiful place. I can see them putting in more condos / town-homes pretty easily there, but that is definitely more agreeable then an open pit of dust and noise.

  • c2sides Dec 15, 2010

    CSGA what?

    Get educated, the quarry blasts for thirty more years, we are trying to protect the pretty far future... Not the now. We want fair play and no politics from big money and are trying to fight ....not progress....but dirty pool.

  • c2sides Dec 15, 2010

    Right on Axe.

    But, I will put this out for your opinion. The DH wants to know if we are prepared for the unknown of what is to be... Meaning, something WILL go there. Will it be more condos? HUD? Just sit vacant? I see the development coming within five years, because it is gorgeous..... But his point is valid, what say you?

  • axepack Dec 15, 2010

    Let the quarry close. It's just a few more jobs lost. No biggy. As long as the NIMBY people keep complaining, companies will continue to look elsewhere.
    - cantstandgoloanymore

    Ignorant comments come out looking the same way. The quarry can run for another 30 years without this expansion. This is already "in our backyard." We don't oppose growth in the triangle, but blasting 100yrds from apartments, businesses and homes is kind of ridiculous.

  • Nunya123 Dec 15, 2010

    Let the quarry close. It's just a few more jobs lost. No biggy. As long as the NIMBY people keep complaining, companies will continue to look elsewhere.

  • c2sides Dec 15, 2010

    Exactly Axe! As recently as last year the city had this as a residential corridor on the Master plan....

    We just rec'd knowledge of these shenanigans ..... So at the end of the game, we find out there will be thirty more years overtime... We have known only that the quarry was trying to extend south, as the original plan....and the greenway was still supposed to go there, after being bought and then turned into a big azz park, with fishing on the strip pits..... So we did know what and when and where, when we bought. But NOW they are slicking us... And the politicians are waffling pros!

  • c2sides Dec 15, 2010

    Hanson does not own the land, hamptons Inc does. They bought the old J &H stables off ebenezer.

    This corridor was being built up in anticipation of the quarry moving south, across Duraleigh.

    Now Hanson is offering land, no more blasting in SIXTY years, dropping a lawsuit, and runoff control for water quality.

    We are jammed. There is not enough of us to fight Sigs Green Jeans. Totally hosed by big money and drooling politicians wanting to complete the greenway so they can ride their bike around the city. Driven this? It is pretty. This land already has infrastructure, hookups, sewer, water, street signs! Waste. Why the rush? Only because the developers got jammed in this crisis, and sold us out.