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System to better track criminal offenders expands

Posted December 8, 2010

— A pilot program designed to help law enforcement agencies catch criminals is expanding to several counties on Wednesday. 

The Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Automated Data Services – or CJLEADS – is a Web-based information system that draws data from across the criminal justice system.

It presents the information in an easy-to-understand, interactive and customizable interface that allows users to get to the information they need to make more informed decisions.

It also allows users to set up watch lists and receive notifications when specified offenders' records change. For example, probation-parole officers would be alerted if offenders they are tracking are charged with crimes anywhere in the state.

For the past year, Wake County was the first test site for the system.

The program will be expanded on Wednesday to Gaston, Lincoln, Cleveland, Person and Caswell counties. It is scheduled to go statewide by 2012. 

“CJLEADS replaces the manual process of looking up historical criminal data from multiple systems, reduces the risk of overlooking critical data and improves the information needs of law enforcement agencies,”State Controller David McCoy said in a statement. “Criminal justice professionals who are now using CJLEADS have reported numerous instances where the program has helped them catch criminals, and saved them time and money as well.”


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  • mikeyj Dec 9, 2010

    Hater: Big Brother has always been around. Just like Global atmoshere changes are cyclic. The major differance is with the "Modern" technologies we here about and see it faster. It is about time! How often have you read of someone commiting crimes while still on parole. Of coarse my thought on this is they should start by M T ing death row so coroners can have more practice in doing disections.

  • godnessgracious Dec 8, 2010

    Welcome to the 90's. This "technology" is amazing.

  • rlee1117 Dec 8, 2010


  • WritNEWlaws Dec 8, 2010

    khall3- Agree with you. Probation Officers are pretty low on my list at this point. There is a person I know that keeps getting slaps on the wrist and it appears that the justice system is on their side. If these officers would do their job there would be less slips thru the cracks and more offenders off the streets.

  • NoWayyyyy Dec 8, 2010

    gingerlynn - actually i took a week of vacation from my current job and helped to get him caught and convicted of his latest few as I had a personal interest in safety in his getting caught, and that is actually where he was caught--it took about 8 officers and dogs to chase him down from running out a back door--pathetic...and to prove haleibc's comments - he did about 8 months prison time for all his latest crimes and got the probation for 18 months. And what happens? On the run again....but I don't work for LE - they are supposed to work for us! For someone with a history like "that", a slap on the hand isn't good enough. Not sure about 3 strikes, but it seems like someone like this, they would want to locate and put away....

  • gingerlynn Dec 8, 2010

    Khall3 - I looked up Mr. Driver in the offender search page. You are correct. He is an absconder. However the message on his record says " ASBCONDER This offender is an absconder from probation/parole supervision. If you have any information on this person's wereabouts, please contact the NC Division of Community Correction at 1-888-646-0024"

    Since you know where he is sleeping at night how about you call?

  • haleibc Dec 8, 2010

    Sounds great, but until me have a justice system its not worth a dime. The courts have failed the citizens and law enforcement of this country. Lock em up let em go. Same old routine every day. The courts have a school for everything, DWI,domestic violence, drug abuse, you name it ,they have a school. They don't work. The drunk leaves class and goes to the bar. The wife beater get mad because he had to attend class, goes home and beats his wife again. And the druggies they high on drugs sitting in class. Until we get some judges and jurors with guts, nothing will change.

  • NoWayyyyy Dec 8, 2010

    A very "small" step forward, because the only resolution that this will accomplish is that if someone is caught in a vehicle or committing another crime if their info is pulled up they will be nailed. What needs to happen is more of these "offenders" need to be pursued that are out there. I know of one particular "absconder" that has been convicted of burglary, kidnapping, drug charges, and is now wanted for multiple assaults on officers--all in multiple counties. He has provided multiple false addresses (refer to this new program CJLEADS) and he sleeps night after night at his mother's home. No probation officer or anyone else comes to pick him up. Look him up on NC Offenders - Brooks Driver--w/m/age 36. And no - I am not his type-not associated. My point, better systems aren't going to solve all the problems...let's get some people doing their jobs folks and off their you-know-whats...

  • illegals--GO HOME Dec 8, 2010

    Sounds like a win-win for all of LEO/Probation and Parole and such. Glad to hear about this!

  • Hater like Darth Vader Dec 8, 2010

    Say hi to big brother!