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Durham police officer charged with DWI

Posted December 2, 2010
Updated December 3, 2010

— Durham police charged an on-duty officer with driving while impaired after he crashed his patrol vehicle Thursday morning on Fayetteville Street, police announced Thursday afternoon. 

Officer Kevin A. Stewart, 24, has been placed on administrative leave, said spokeswoman Kammie Michael.

According to the citation: "He had an odor of alcohol about his person and about his breath. His eyes were slighting glassy and blood shot ... He made the statement that he had consumed an alcoholic beverage within the last 12 hours."

His blood alcohol content was not released.

“Violations such as this will not be tolerated in our department,” Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez Sr. said in a statement. “As law enforcement officers, we are held to a higher standard, and I want the community to know that immediate and proper action is being taken.”

The crash happened at 9:10 a.m. when Stewart was driving his marked patrol vehicle north on Fayetteville Street near Timothy Street. He crashed into the back of a northbound vehicle, which had slowed for a traffic light, police said.

Damage to each vehicle was approximately $2,500.

"My personal reaction was disappointment," Lopez said. "I am hopeful people do not see this as being the police department."

After the crash, Stewart was taken for mandatory drug and alcohol testing in accordance with Durham city policy. The driver of any city vehicle involved in a crash must be tested within two hours, according to the policy.

Durham officer charged with DWI Durham officer charged with DWI

After the test, Stewart was taken to Duke University Hospital for treatment of minor injuries suffered in the crash and was charged with DWI. The other driver, whose name was not released, was not injured, police said.

Stewart joined the Durham police in January 2009 and is assigned to the patrol bureau. No other information was released.

"Anybody who wants to go out into the city of Durham and drive while intoxicated, even if you are a police officer, you are going to be arrested," Lopez said. 


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  • mrsox05 Dec 3, 2010

    Wow!!! What a GREAT role model!!!

  • thepeopleschamp Dec 3, 2010

    His blood alcohol content was not released. Ain't that special!! davidbh61255

    What are you implying? That this is a cover up? A cover up where they arrested the officer and its a featured story on a major news outlet? His BAC will be public record soon.

  • dougdeep Dec 3, 2010

    Worst hangover, ever.

  • davidbh61255 Dec 3, 2010

    Maybe we [DPD] could sell ID's for $10 each, even if they are only good in Durham!! And we could give group rates and green stamps!

  • davidbh61255 Dec 3, 2010

    His blood alcohol content was not released.
    Ain't that special!! I wouldn't be surprised if that 411 don't get lost in that old building!! We need some trailers up in here!!

  • davidbh61255 Dec 3, 2010

    Can I come to DPD for my new ID??

  • davidbh61255 Dec 3, 2010

    Lopez said. "I am hopeful people do not see this as being the police department."
    Again lopez cleanup that cess-pool and quit enabling these guys!!

  • davidbh61255 Dec 3, 2010

    Lopez and Bell- I'll go along with the new po po Trailers,if I can have my social Justice an stuf{money}!! It ain't like they can't print some moe money is it??

  • Common Sense Man Dec 3, 2010

    Journey you are absolutely obsessed with police officers. As long as we have humans as police officers you're never going to see a perfect record. Humans screw up. I don't see you as obsessed with priests or teachers when they mess up. Wonder why that is?

  • Common Sense Man Dec 3, 2010

    "Funny how leo-nc seems to comment right around the same time as the malls scheduled opening?? LOL. I must say I am in shock to see that you are not trying to come up with some excuse for his actions."

    You're shocked because you don't have a clue. LEO has never defended officers who are in the wrong.